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Sole Lago Real Estate Agency operates in the real estate sector for ov 500 houses all over the Italian territory. We are able to satisfy every request with the best prices on the market, we are also specialized in construction and renovations, providing every type of technical assistance and design. Our offices located in the municipalities of Gradoli and Bolsena in the province of Viterbo on the lake of Bolsena, into one of  the most beautiful and natural territories among Italy, in the Alta Tuscia and maremma laziale just a few kilometers from Tuscany and Umbria area where we operate more. We also have a prory. Our services are multi-languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Russian) we are able to provide all services required for the purchase of your property, providing support to a network of professional partners such as surveyors, notaries, tax consultants and financial engineers and translators.


  • Research of the Property - cut to customer requirements, preparing a short list of essential features on the property searched.
  • Compliance of the Property- Maximum attention is paid bcy for the best ending of the bargain.
  • Tax Advice-  All negotiations will be handled by our consultants advising our clients on financial choices more convenient for their needs.
  • Technical Advice - for the designing  of  eventual constructing and renovation. The Sole Lago Real Estate has its own construction company that operates in the constromers by offering free estimates and designings of the buildings with regard to restructuring, being able to perform the entire works that need to be executed.
  • Assistance- We follow our customers, ensuring full transparency in the management of the negotiation, step by step from choosing the property until ond helping the customer in all subsequent steps to live happily in the new home .



  • The Inspection of the Property- An inspection will be conducted at the property by assessing the strengths and weaknesses, we will make an identity card of the building facing the acquisition of all thlete knowledge of the property.                                 
  •  Verification of the Property- All essential documentation will be required to delineate the profile of the property addressed to resolve any issues that, during negotiations, could comation will be based mainly on the urban situation, cadastral registry’s and property tax.
  • Estimate of the Property- Will be made for each property with a free evaluation to best market your property. Our staff has over a 25 year experience in the field.
  • Assignment of Sale- The Sole Lago Real Estate operates with a mandate that can be exclusive or non-exclusive. The exclusive mandate provides that the Agency is the only responsible for the sale of the property; inwhich allows the owner and  the agency to organize in the best way all the antual ongoing negotiations. In the event that the sale does not happen through our agency, we will not request any commission nor any other incidental expenses.
  • Description of the Property- After acquiring toceed with a detailed report of the characteristicsof the property through an accurate description in different languages.
  • Photos- We will proceed with an accurate photo shoot derty, accompanying the description and will be used for a better presentation to potential buyers.
  • Advertising- The Sole Lago Real Estate will publish your property on the web on national real estate portals such as: Casa.encies in different countries to advertise your properties in the markets of foreign countries. The Sole Lago Real Estate advertising also performs with the publication of your ads on both national and international newspapers and magae.

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