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It has been 20 years since when in 1996 I started the career of estate agent in the territory of Imperia and his province, beginning as a business partner in franchising of a well-known brand renowned in the country with the beautiful place of Diano Marina, to open, then, the sale points of Imperia Oneglia, Porto Maurizio and Santo Stefano al Mare.

Now the real estate market has changed, it evolves fast, the capable and prepared estate agent becomes the protagonist realizing the dreams of the customers. In all these years we have increased our staff by inserting experts with excellent qualities both in the consultation environment and in the managment of the human resources.

"Men grow up and become great" so, leader in the estate market in Imperia and his province, we decided to believe in this new project under OUR OWN brand.

This is the birth of the new group Immobiliare Caricasa, rooted in the territory of Imperia and his province, is able to guarantee to his clients, being them selles or buyers, a very high level of excellence in the services, in the consultations and in the promotion, with the aim of reaching the best result in the shorter time possible. Seriousness, confidentiality, professionalism and expertise are the cornerstones. Our agents and estate counselors are able to respond to all you needs.

Nothing is left to chance. No question is left without the answer. 

Beside professionalism we put our heart!

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