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HDREF is a business model and progeny resulting from several decades of activities successfully run by leading professionals, operating and interacting over the years within an intensive network of contacts and business relationships. Hence the idea to set up a new real estate business capable of taking care of its own customers, and aiming to satisfy not only their needs but to actively assist them in the realization of their dreams by means of a tested and trustworthy structure which guarantees efficiency, organization and an unquestionably objective-oriented activity.

 Developing a BUSINESS PLAN and rigorously respecting its requirements not only helps us to define the way we study and implement our buying and selling transactions, obviously in full deference to each customer’s personal choices and requirements, but also allows us to carry out negotiations on behalf of those special customers who wish to enter the real estate market on a pragmatic and unequivocal basis, without wasting time studying inappropriate proposals. This saves precious time for those whose time is too precious to lose.

Our Staff, who are all hand-picked and guaranteed to be highly competent and qualified, will assist and support our valued customers in every way possible, considering of course the particular needs and requirements of every single case, not hesitating to collaborate with and bring on board other experienced and equally-qualified professionals if the situation so demands, and of course always taking immediate and full advantage of the most state-of-the-art technological tools and resources available on the market.

HDREF carefully avoids the use of clichés, slogans, catchy marketing rhymes and jingles but works with passion and determination to achieve your goals and give you results because we value your respect and trust and are prepared to work hard to deserve it.

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