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C.so Matteotti 79 CALITRI Avellino Campania
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Property calhist63.

House for Sale in CALITRI (Avellino) Campania - Gate-Away.com

Condition: To be restored

Price: € 10.000


Distance from:
Nearest town facilities: 0 Km
Airport: 0 Km
Beach: 0 Km
Ski resort: 0 Km

The product is composed by properties in fascinating historical centers and homes in an enchanting countryside.
This offer presents a real opportunity to become the owner of one of the most beautiful properties in the old hamlet of Calitri and others in the area, at the same time giving potential investors the chance of getting a foot on the property ladder in this part of Italy which is in the process of being developed as a major tourist attraction. For those investors thinking of buying a home in the internal southern Italy, they will now become part of the second phase of the overall project, which is now ready to rent houses to tourists visiting the enchanting hamlets. Earlier investors are now able to receive a return on their investment or if preferred have a property for family holidays in a splendid place; all of area’s population will benefit from the economy produced by tourism and work for that showing all its warmth and hospitality.

Our selection of properties was made thinking of the best interests of our clients. We have recently acquired more properties and have available, some of the best homes in the old hamlet, bright, comfortable spacious, open view balconies and terraces; these are just some of the features and structural characteristics of some of the homes chosen for you. Any restorations will be made following old traditional country methods developed over centuries in the south of Italy. In fact, all materials that will be used are of the highest Italian quality: Italian cotto (terracotta) for floors, distinguished tiles for bathrooms and kitchens (if you like you can also choose from a selection of handmade ceramic tiles). Furnishings will all be in classic Italian style made from good quality wood.

Thanks to a joined team made up of architects, surveyors and construction company specialized in restructuring, Porta d’Oriente’s product can be considered unique and complete giving you all the assistance during the restoration project. Visit www.portadoriente.org

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