L'altracasa Immobiliare
L'altracasa Immobiliare

L'altracasa Immobiliare

Via Antonio Gramsci n. 67
Lamporecchio - Pistoia

+39 (0) 573 803114

My name is Sergio Pasquinucci and I am a real estate agent.

Being a real estate agent is much more than showing a house to a client, being a real estate agent means

understand the needs and dreams of a person looking for their special place and support them during this journey with professionalism, passion and fairness.

I opened the real estate agency L'Altracasa in 1996 and since then I have established solid personal collaborative relationships

both on the territory and with an international network of agencies. Through these synergies I specialized in the care of the buying and selling of farmhouses, villas and farms in much of Tuscany.

The constant updating through training courses, an accurate marketing plan dedicated to the properties that are entrusted to me,

allows me to guarantee you the right positioning on the market, in order to achieve the goal of a safe, quiet sale, in the right time and at the right price.

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