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Modicasa was founded in 2008 and is the only legally operating English estate agency based in Sicily. We operate wholly under Italian law.  We offer mediation, consultancy, and translation services.

Modicasa has been an associate of FIAIP (The Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents) since we opened.  We abide by the codes of practise and have indemnity insurance.

Based in Modica we cover the area from Ortigia down to Punta Secca, all of the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa – the Val di Noto.

Why use Modicasa?

modicasa is in a unique position to help you as we are the ONLY  legal, qualified  and registered English owned agency  in  Sicily. The complete transparency we offer in all of our business is an invaluable asset for our clients.  Our personalised service assures you of a tranquil holiday if you are renting a modicasa house, or a trouble free purchase and restoration of your Sicilian home.  Unlike companies based in Britain who merely list local agents’ properties, we are ‘on-site’ and have personal contact with vendors and owners, thereby cutting out the middleman – leading to lower costs, (we do not charge for property viewings), and better service for our clients. We are the only mothertongue real estate company in the area to be registered at the Camera di Commercio, be VAT registered and to abide by Italian law.  All of this is in your interest as the client, who is protected against malpractise, negligence and ignorance.   Other property companies based here act as portals or buyers agents – it doesnt make them legal and doesnt protect you, the buyer – who will be expected to break the law during the buying process, and will have no recourse in law if things don’t go as planned.

Why shouldn’t I use any ‘agent’?

Firstly, it’s common sense.  Just because someone may speak the language doesnt mean they will do their best to help you.  Most abusivi, as they are called, are just out to make as much money as possible from the hapless foreigner.  Secondly, it’s illegal.  Just by calling your site a portal, or acting as a buyers’ agent doesn’t make you an expert.  To work in Italy you should be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and have a VAT or IVA number – which by law should be on the front page of the website.  If your agent is neither of these, he’s just lining his own pockets at your expense, and you will be asked to break the law to maximise his profits.  Don’t think ‘..when in Rome.. ‘ – the tax office is now much more efficient and they will find out. There are heavy fines for fiscal evasion, and jail sentences for recycling money.  Finally, why do something in Italy that you would never dream of doing at home?  Having someone who is qualified and legal helping you buy your property is the best investment you can make – and should something go wrong at least you have a recourse in law.  Also he won’t be party to the many and various money making ‘schemes’ that are endemic here in Sicily.   Of course, should you use an illegal agent, we will be here to pick up the pieces, but we won’t be able to get your money back!

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