LADIRI di Alfredo Bacigalupo
LADIRI di Alfredo Bacigalupo

LADIRI di Alfredo Bacigalupo

Via Italia, 143
Cagliari - Pirri - Cagliari

+39 070 371957

Ladiri - Real estate and Property Management agency

In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, more potential buyers are coming to the Italian Real Estate market and Ladiri can help guide them through the procedures. Ladiri, real estate agency is based in Sardinia and it is structured in an easy way and works in collaboration with several independent professionals which are pleased to work with a serious and professional company, Ladiri sells Villas, Cottages and Apartments by the sea with and without pool. Ladiri is specialized in the Property Management of holiday houses mainly located in South Sardinia. 

Ladiri deeply knows the Sardinia property Market. Innovation has been always an important value and it contributed to the growth of the company, consolidating the business model based on services more and more specialized and custom made.

Ladiri is registered in Roll of Mediators of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari, number 869, and is part of the Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents (FIAIP).

Our services

  • To choose where to live and work: our story...

  • Attaining your goal, step by step

  • We offer integrated, efficient and timely services

  • We help you seek your dreams

  • The Property Finder, the right way to buy your property in Sardinia

  • We value and care for your real estate

  • Obtain helpful advice for your "loan"

  • Operate by web: the ideal channel for a high-level, dynamic service

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