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Monferratocase SRL


For almost a decade, the MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l. Concentrates its efforts on a continuous improvement of its skills and knowledge to meet the different housing needs manifested almost exclusively by people coming from northern Europe, eager to realize their dream of having a home in the Bel Country.


In particular, the Piedmont Region has a landscape, historical, cultural and enogastronomic appeal that meets our customers' requirements 360 °, growing year after year, and in addition to fulfilling their Italian dream, they see an additional form of investment in their investment I earn.



The MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l. Was born from a field match: an Italian entrepreneur and a former Danish football player are simultaneously on one of the beautiful hills of the Monferrato with the aim of satisfying a North European tourist wishing to buy and restructure a property.


The tourist acquainted with both future members of the MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l. It creates without knowing a synergy between the two people who always agree on the properties to be proposed and how to restructure.


Given the common love for our territory and realized that we have the same ideas as regards the purchase and restructuring of Piedmont property, the two decide to set up the MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l.


Thanks to this meeting, Mrs. GOLINO Rosario and SØRENSEN Jesper Remo are in the summer of 2008 the MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l. From that moment on, thanks to the experience gained in their great passion, they make the company protagonist in the search for properties located in the best locations of the Monferrato and Langhe as well as the builder of numerous renovations and / or new constructions in line with the rustic canons of Piedmont.



The MONFERRATOCASE S.r.l. Is a state-of-the-art construction company with full customer service, and can meet all your needs by offering 360 ° solutions. It engages in the research and technical development of its know-how, to achieve a high profile of quality and efficiency in the respect of environmental and eco-sustainable policies of its sector.


At present it operates only on the Piedmont market but is looking forward and looking forward to the South of Italy as it receives requests for purchase in the constituent areas of several centuries by the famous "Magna Grecia".


The company employs staff of skilled technicians and talented professionals motivated by commitment and passion for their work and results.

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