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Veroli Immobiliare SRL

Veroli is about 15 km from Frosinone and about 90 km from Rome. The city has a typical Medieval structure, even if it has Roman origins, with several evidences. The highest part of the city is surrounded by huge walls that end with the fortress of Saint Leucio. It was included in the Papal States, important both from a political and cultural point of view; it was bishopric and research centre. It boasts several beautiful churches such as the Saint Salome Basilica with frescoes of 1200 and the HOLY STAIRCASE. Furthermore it includes a public library, a herbs museum and an art gallery. Veroli can count many noble buildings as well as various enchanting Medieval alleys. In the last years many inhabitants of the historic centre has been moving to the countryside but now there is a trend reversal and the historic part is really sought-after by its citizens, by the inhabitants of the neighbouring cities and by international buyers (in particular English ones). This interest is due to the beauty of the centre as well as the healthy air and the mild climate. We have a rich variety of properties both in the historic centre and in the surounding territory, in order to satisfy the most different needs of the buyers.

Our agency, Euro Immobiliare srl, affiliated to the Tecnocasa brand, has been working on the territory of Isola del Liri for almost ten years. The city is twined with New Orleans and it boasts a suggestive centre in Ciociaria (province of Frosinone). Its element is water, so that the city takes its name from the river that flows through it, Liri, and its symbol is the Cascata Grande,(big waterfall with an height of 28 metres, situated in the historic centre, unique in Europe). It is situated in a strategic position thanks to the highway that shortens the time.

Our agency is situated along one of the most commercial streets of the town (via Po);the weekly market allows us to talk with many people and many customers. The town is in a strategic position to connect two other important town: Sora and Veroli. The historic centre has a particular layout: it is an island surrounded by two branches of the river; at the end of the island rises the Castle. Isola del Liri rises on the two streets that goes through it: Strada Maria (S.S. 214) that comes from Frosinone-Casamari and the S.S. 82 of the Liri valley, that connects Abruzzi to Casilina. The only road that connects Ponte Napoli to Ponte Roma is corso Roma, launched in 1933. The part overlooking the Liri river is really picturesque; it seems a scenery of the Cascata Grande. Industries stands together with nineteenth-century buildings and magnificent villas with garden, symbol of a certain prosperity of the middle class, and the other dwellings built according to the most advanced models of XIX century. Currently many abandoned industries are under restoration, because are considered interesting as archeological-industrial evidences. Isola del Liri is situated in the centre of a valley surrounded by hills covered by olives and vineyards, with the Ernici Mountains on the background.

On the North-western part of the residential area, stands out the hill of Saint Sebastian, from where you can admire a magnificent panorama of the town and the Liri's valley, most of all from the feudal tower (X century), dedicated to Marica, the nymph, guardian of the river. The Marica tower is a rare evidence of the Langobardic Middle Ages in the Liri valley.  



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