MQ Metro Quadro Immobiliare

Via Sanità 34 - 91025 - Marsala - TP
Phone (incl. international code): +39 366 2333448
Mobile +39 366 2333448
MQ Metro Quadro Immobiliare

MQ Immobiliare is a company that is proud to offer to its customers, in addition to a real estate brokerage service, a wide and complete range of services to give the utmost prominence and maximum visibility to real estate. The services are:

it evaluates properties to estimate the correct market value, finding the right price to be competitive;

it launches advertising campaigns both online and offline in order to show the properties and give them greater visibility;

• it invests massive resources in the training of its consultants in order to provide them with a very high degree of preparation, essential to follow and help customers before, during and after the sale;

it use a transparent, easy and clear form, registered and accepted at the Chamber of Commerce;

it provides a total assistance to the customer from the first visit of the property, until the signing of the notarial deed;

• it employs a network of financial consultants in order to obtain the financing at the best market conditions, thanks to the various agreements with credit institutions;

it employs a skillful competent team, with professionals responsible for the solution of any problems regarding the urban, cadastral and building aspects of the propeties dedicated to the design and renovation of the interiors.

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