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A house always contains a program of life. It is a possibility and, as such, an invitation. There are places that, although never seen, at first glance and at first sight, lead you to think: "finally"!
This is our mission: to mediate, with our experience and passion, the magic of this special "meeting".
Because a home can give smiles, offer hugs, keep dreams.
Our company operates mainly in Salento.
Salento is a place of the soul that Calvino, in his Invisible Cities, could have made the object of the refined and subtle dialogues between Marco Polo and Emperor Kublai Kan.
It is an "imaginary city". It is a place of elsewhere, the elsewhere of a world that is increasingly destined to lose its identity and, therefore, its natural positive energies.
The dream and goal of a writer is to speak to the heart of a large audience.
The dreams and the goals that guide us are those of aiming to dialogue with the soul of those who rely on us, following their geography of desires, bringing their most hidden feelings to the surface and giving them the unique emotions that only a building, capable of harmonizing form and function, is able to offer.

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