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MyArching is a team of professional technicians with expertise in the fields of structural, plant engineering, architecture, urban planning, real estate appraisals, geology, domotics, design, homestaging and much more, which operates in a coordinated way throughout Italy to offer its customers 360-degree services ° on the world of properties that start from research, and arrive through the planning and construction up to real estate management post-construction. Everything is managed not only in real terms with the personal consultant, but also through a planner that guarantees the traceability of every operation performed by the technicians who provide the know-how for the services requested by the customer who can also remotely control, at any time, the state of progress of the practices or workings on the property subject to intervention or management.

The way we operate allows us to affirm that through this flexible network we can catalyze on every project the best mix of professionals with the necessary skills and within the defined times and agreed with the customer answer costs controlled to the needs of each project of any size be it.

Our services always start with a preliminary analysis which is carried out by means of a free video or telephone call in which we interview our client to determine the basic needs from which the need for contact arises. Within a week on average after the first contact, we give a quotation of both the professional work and the overall cost of the project itself so as to allow the client an informed choice on the various steps to be taken to achieve the common goal. , or create a CASA CHE VALE!

Our typical customers are property owners who want to improve their property both from a financial point of view, both from a quality and comfort point of view, or from people looking for a property in Italy to invest in. We turn to the national and international market of investors who are looking for a technical partner that will allow them to have all the information they need to make informed choices from the initial phase of research to the management or construction of the property.

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