Di Forti Immobiliare

Via San Luigi, 64 - 97100 - Ragusa - RG
Phone (incl. international code): +39 0932 256320
Di Forti Immobiliare

The company was born after a long experience made by a tenacious, energetic woman, Maria Grazia Di Forti, who studied communication, marketing, business management, living work experiences abroad.
Decided, driven by a strong passion for the Real Estate sector, to begin seriously to carry out this business exploiting his knowledge and his great predisposition to work for people and among people.
He began to work in this sector at an agency, where he managed from the very beginning to highlight himself and to have increasingly delicate and difficult tasks, transforming his professional role from collaborator to branch manager.
Soon, he realizes that he is not satisfied with this and that he needs to question his abilities, to grow professionally by actively collaborating with one of the strongest and strongest franchising structures, a leader in the Italian real estate sector. This allows you, in a short time, to specialize by attending training courses in the real estate and financial sector.
Over the years, after listening to and satisfying the needs, needs and expectations of those who buy and sell, he becomes a scrupulous, serious and competent professional. The idea of becoming a consultant is born in her, which treats the building at 360 degrees, this leads her to realize her own structure, which bears her name and which uses modern techniques and tools to improve the quality of work.
A company that, in addition to the real estate service of sale, lease, management of real estate and handling of mortgage loans, is exclusively concerned with satisfying the customer for all the services inherent in the real estate market: stacking, splits, building amnesty, planning, construction, and renovation of a building, various loans, etc. This is also thanks to the collaboration of serious professionals both in the building, construction and design sectors, and in finance.
Today, this company is born from a great awareness: that of realizing the dreams of ordinary people, that of having a home, and its own business, are among the primary objectives for any human being who wants to fully carry out his existence.

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