Rigamonti Real Estate

Via Antonio Bertoloni, 26 - 00188 - Roma - RM
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Rigamonti Real Estate

The company has been operating for many years in the real estate market specializing with the signature of Rigamonti Real Estate, in the consultancy and professional assistance of leading companies and private individuals who acquire and dispose of Assets with various uses throughout the national and international territory.

The success of Rigamonti Real Estate is given by an innovative business reasoning which confirms the Group's training and entrepreneurial values according to the new scenarios in which it operates, namely:
Awareness of the market within which it has proven to act with competence and reliability;
Brand safety recognized by all operators in terms of stability, tradition and preparation;
Renewal in the adoption of a single business model in Europe that has allowed us to propose itself to the most esteemed International Investors and operators as a valid interlocutor to entrust the control of our investments.

The Rigamonti Real Estate is a building in great development precisely because it is based on these important business principles.

It is no coincidence that it is paying particular attention to the demand from the market, which, although it is growing strongly, finds some impediments such as long periods of time and lack of professionalism.

It should be noted the current synergies that Rigamonti Real Estate has with its partners, over 400 in the national territory, which allow it to manage a further selected customer portfolio, assessed and updated periodically with dedicated newsletters.

These are some of the main reasons why the Rigamonti Real Estate, positively participates in the evolution of the market and having an extremely self-critical approach, produces a constant improvement of its service to the further advantage of its loyal customers.

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