Agenzia Pellegrini Snc Di Meda Mara & C.

Corso Padova,148/b - 36100 - Vicenza - Vicenza
Phone (incl. international code): +39 0444 504004
Agenzia Pellegrini Snc Di Meda Mara & C.

One of the two members has a degree in architecture from IUAV of Venice and has worked directly as a freelance architect in construction and interior design. The long experience of 30 years has always been precious and very useful in the field of constructions with particular in-depth study also in the delicate sector of restoration and recovery of historical residences, of architectural value and also of monumental assets subjected to the protection of the Fine Arts. The other member of the company has been working in the real estate market for over 30 years and is particularly experienced in the commercial sector, both in terms of real estate and business, including large areas and dimensions, such as entire shopping centers. The agency, providing advice and guidance, has become a reference point for many customers who own luxury properties and today has an important portfolio of customers interested in selling and buying in various real estate sectors. Our all-female staff is prepared and highly motivated. We are all accredited and have a deep knowledge of the Italian real estate market. We offer customized consultancy services for both sales and rental of luxury properties. We are equipped to offer interior designer studios and we can count on a support network for valuable advice from financial experts and legal advisors.

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