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HomesItaly Wonderful Abitare

Homesitaly Wonderful Abitare is a real estate developer that was founded in 2002 but which can leverage more than twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. The history of Homesitaly Wonderful Abitare is based on the groundwork laid by a group of companies, and the partnership between these companies has blossomed thanks to their shared commitment towards professional excellence.


Homesitaly Wonderful Abitare is very much focused on quality: by building on solid foundations, we deliver exceptional results, giving you the dream home you have always wanted. Nothing is left to chance, because every company within the group is highly innovative and highly specialized, and each concentrates on making its contribution towards the common goal, which is to achieve the highest possible level of quality



Purchasing process
Having discovered the home of your dreams, you can reserve it for ten days by paying a security deposit that will be used as a down payment if you then proceed with the purchase, or reimbursed if you do not.

The preliminary contract is one of the most important moments in the purchasing process, as both parties sign a binding agreement. At this stage, the purchaser will have to make a larger down payment (normally 20 - 30% of the sale price). If either party should then withdraw from the sale, there will be penalties to pay: if the seller withdraws, he or she must pay the purchaser double the security deposit amount; if the purchaser withdraws, he or she forfeits all sums paid up to the date of withdrawal.

This contract contains some important clauses, the most important of which concern the payment schedule, including any amounts already paid and those still to be paid, the purchaser's details, the date of the deed of sale, the verification of the seller's title and the building licences, the precise specification of the location of the property, the specification of all land registry information, servitudes and accesses relating to the property, the design signed by both parties and the purchaser's bank guarantees.
A notary verifies the planning permission and the seller's title, checks that no mortgage or charge is currently outstanding on the property, and formalises the actual deed of sale. At this stage, the purchaser pays the notary the remaining sum for the purchase of the property, as well as the notarial fee, and the registration and purchase taxes. For completion, the purchaser will need to have an Italian tax code and a current account, and must provide a copy of his or her valid passport. 

Visiting Italy
Our staff members are on hand to welcome customers on any day of the week, weekends included. On your behalf, we can book accommodation to meet your specific requirements. We provide you with assistance from the moment you arrive right through to your departure, and we can even ensure that you find the time to make the most of Italy's art, events, cuisine, cities and countryside. 
Global assistance
The consolidated experience of Homesitaly Wonderful Abitare makes it possible to offer a global service that is targeted at ensuring customer satisfaction and safety.

For this reason, everyone who is interested in purchasing a home from Homesitaly
Wonderful Abitare accompanied by a member of our specialist multilingual staff. Our team can offer the best rates at local hotels, B&Bs and apartments, and can provide support on currency exchange, as well as legal consultancy, financial solutions and assistance in drawing up the deed of sale.

Homesitaly Wonderful Abitare also provides full support in the post-sales phase, specifically on opening a current account, obtaining an Italian tax code and setting up utility contracts (electricity, water, gas and telephone line).

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