5 Reasons Why Emilia Romagna is Italy’s Best Kept Secret

| November 14, 2017

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the renowned vineyards of Tuscany or the waterways of Venice, but what about Emilia Romagna? A region equally as beautiful as anywhere else in Italy but still not so popular among international home-hunters… until now!

Here are 5 reasons why it is the next best Italian destination you should consider when thinking about moving to Italy.

1. Sun, sea and snow

Centrally located, bordering onto six different regions including Tuscany and Le Marche, Emilia Romagna couldn’t be more conveniently situated. It’s this critical factor that enables it to offer such a diverse range of landscapes, from the Apennines of the south to the beaches of the Adriatic Riviera to the east with the famous Rimini and Riccione sea restorts.
As you may expect, due the variable nature of the region, there is no shortage of activities and as such there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach, trekking its extensive forests or skiing on the Apennines!

2. World renowned cuisine

From the roads leading to the vineyards of the typical Lambrusco wine, down to the kiosks along the coast where you can taste exquisite piadine, Emilia Romagna is a mecca for food and wine lovers.
I’m sure you’ve also heard of Parma Ham? How about Parmesan cheese or tortellini? You guessed it! All these culinary delights originated in the region. You can also expect to enjoy a wealth of other well-known dishes that have established themselves as mainstays within Italian cuisine like lasagne and mortadella. And that’s why the Forbes magazine called it “Italy’s greatest gastronomic treasure”. What is more, Fico Eataly World, the globe’s biggest agri-food park has just opened and you can’t miss it next time you’ll be in Italy!

3. Developed for modern life

Emilia Romagna is one of the most developed of Italy’s regions. Just take its bustling night-life for example along the coastline and in its main cities, such as Bologna, or its booming motor industry, featuring the likes of Ducati, Ferrari and Maserati. Furthermore, it is snapping up post-Brexit interests from the UK, as its main historic cities of Bologna welcome the European centre for weather forecasts.

4. A rich and varied culture

Of course, as Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, you can’t go too far without seeing some evidence of its esteemed past and Emilia Romagna is no different. In fact, it arguably contains some of the best examples of art and architecture in all of Italy.
Historically, the region was one of great wealth; proof of this can be seen across the region, from the ornately decorated churches and monasteries, to the artworks adorning the walls of its many galleries and museums. The jewel in its crown and possibly the greatest example of renaissance architecture is the University of Bologna. Widely acclaimed as the oldest in all of Europe, it was founded in 1088 by its own students, defining the very use of the word and gave birth to the institution as we know it today. It will soon host also the European Youth Orchestra that is leaving London after Brexit and moving to Ferrara.

5. The right location at the right price

Of course at the end of the day it all comes down to location, and in Emilia Romagna there’s a destination to suit every taste and match every lifestyle. Furthermore, if you want to rent out your property to tourists, students and/or business people while you’re away, you’re exactly in the right place.


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