5 Reasons Why Gate-away.com Is the Service for You

| November 4, 2019

why using Gate-away.com

1) The market of international buyers is ready and waiting for you!

Over 90% of potential international buyers looking for a second home ‘in the sun’ use the web. The Internet is the preferred tool to find the ideal home, but also to track down useful information and insights into the area and its real estate market.

55% of them said that Italy is the only destination they were considering among all the Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, France and Portugal. This is confirmed by the requests for information from potential buyers, which increase every year on our site. In 2018 alone, requests increased by 8.38%. By publishing your property on Gate-away, you can reach buyers from all over the world and increase your sales opportunities.

2) A variety of ad hoc services for you

Advertising a property on Gate-away.com is easy because we offer a 360-degree service.

▪ Italian customer service – you will receive support while your advert is live. Need help putting your property online, making the most of your property or responding to potential buyers? We’re at your service!

Personal area – you can track the progress of your advertisement in real time, monitor requests and visits to your advert, but you can also make changes independently and at any time in your dedicated area on Gate-away.com.

Free translation in 10 languages – you will have the translation of the description and information of your advertisement in all the languages ​​of the portal without any additional cost. For a foreign user, navigating in their native language will be much easier and this will have a positive impact on your advertisement.

A wide selection of packages – based on your needs, you decide which type of visibility you want to give from our 4 solutions. These will allow you to leave your property visible for as long as you want without time limits. You can also choose to advertise it for just a few months if you wish.

3) One advert – a lot of international visibility

With just one investment on Gate-away, your ad will be visible around the world! Starting in 2008, Gate-away.com has become a reference point for foreign buyers looking for a home in Italy. Our most active users are English, American, German and French, but the site is used in over 150 countries.

4) The best agent to sell your home? It’s You!

No one loves your home more or knows it better than you. Through the description you leave of your property in your advert, you will be able to convey a dedication and passion that go beyond the practical information, and this can be the deciding factor for anyone wishing to buy a home in Italy. Only you can carefully describe your home and enhance its positive aspects while remaining transparent and sincere. Our automatic translation system uses the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and will ensure that the passionate description you create in your language maintains those emotional aspects in all language versions of your advert.

You can also enrich the listing with photos. In fact, Gate-away.com offers you an unlimited number of images to better demonstrate the beauty of your property.

5) Selling a house online means having control of your investment

You can choose in detail the advertising investment you want to make without any surprises. You can decide what kind of visibility you give to your advert and clear rates and purchase options straight away. You will be able to see how your advert is doing and decide whether to give a boost to the visibility of your property with the additional services that you can buy at any time.

Discover all that Gate-away offers to give visibility to your property and have more sales opportunities by clicking here.

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