8 Regrets that You Should Avoid when Buying Your Italian Property

| July 25, 2019

Everyone has regrets, but what do people regret the most with an important decision as the purchase of a second home in another country like Italy?

We want to help you out. So we have compiled a list of the most common regrets expats say they regret and you should avoid.

Just read through these and trust us. It’ll be worth it.

1. Not getting a home inspection before finalizing the sale. In order to prevent unexpected surprises, you shouldn’t skip this important step. It is better to seek the help of a professional to check the real condition of the property and its systems before you sign the final deed. It can reveal critical information you might want to know in order to forecast future additional costs.

2. Underestimating extra costs. When planning the budget for the purchase, make sure to consider all the costs involved in addition to the property price, such as the notarial fee,  taxes on the purchase and on the ownership, insurance, etc.

3. Not visiting the neighbourhood at different times of day. It could be different after dark compared to the morning. It can reveal if it is noisy or potentially unsafe.

4. Not checking if the area is well-served by public transportation and facilities. It is a good idea to talk to some locals to find out more about living in the area and spend time there in different times of the year. For example, if you don’t have a car it may be very useful it there is a bus or train station nearby or if you can reach the shops also on foot.

5. Wasting money on mortgage payments. Research what your options are by comparing different banks and loan institutes. So ask for different quotations.

6. Not checking if the property is free from debts.

7. Not talking with neighbours to know the potential issues of the condo/neighbourhood if you are buying an apartment.

8. Not checking the condominium regulation. The status certificate includes many useful information you should be aware of before signing any paper. It contains budgets for future renovations or repairs to the buildings, as well as accounting information on the unit in question, but it also outlines what the buyer is responsible for in terms of rules, regulations, rights, and obligations.

Keep these notes in mind when house hunting for your home in the bel paese.

11 thoughts on “8 Regrets that You Should Avoid when Buying Your Italian Property

  1. sandra spagnoli

    We bought our italian home 5 years ago in Liguria. We absolutely love it but another expense not mentioned and to be considered are the bills .
    If this is not your primary home then your bills will cost you an extra 30% .
    This rule also applies to Italians who have a second home .

    1. William Fox


      I would appreciate some clarification on the post above by Sandra. Specifically, does she mean an extra 30% of the purchase price initially? Or, is it the carrying costs to which she refers? Also, she seems to imply that if this house in Italy was going to be a primary house, the costs would be less. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

      William Fox

      1. Gate-away.com

        Hi William,

        The total fees for buying a property in Italy are approximately 10 to 20 per cent of the purchase price. Anyway, it may vary from case to case.

        Also, if the property is not your primary residency, then taxes on the ownership are a bit higher. For more info about purchase costs, see here: https://www.gate-away.com/pages_intl.php?id=5 Here you’ll find every details about taxes on the ownership of a property in Italy: https://www.gate-away.com/news/taxes-ownership-house-italy-2019/

  2. Rocco L Mancuso

    Very informative. We are looking for bomes for sale in and around Pellaro, Regbio Calabria! If u have any listings, please let us know. E mail is: rocky2855@optonline.net. Grazie!

    1. Gate-away.com

      Hi Rocco!

      Here is a list of properties currently for sale in the entire area of Reggio Calabria on our portal starting from the less expensive: https://www.gate-away.com/property_province.php?provi=RC&property_type=&min_price=0&max_price=99999999999&orderby=priceasc

      In case you don’t find anything interesting, tell us what’s your budget and what are you looking for exactly, so we could forward your request to a reliable real estate agency working with us that could send you more housing solutions matching your creteria.

  3. Julie Holmes

    I’m happy to stay I didn’t have any of these regrets….! Saw the house, loved it (but already knew I wanted to be in the Marche région), bought it with no problems, adore my house, my neighbours, the countryside, the local culture, the not so local culture,….what more can I say!!

    1. William

      What an enviable experience! i’m hoping to relocate to Le Marche in a year or so. I’ve rented an apartment near Arezzo for the spring while I look to see what part I want to be in. I’d love any advice you might want to give.

  4. Tom

    Very good article! My dream is to live in a city center somewhere full of history and where I can hear church bells ringing every day!!


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