Argentario Property: Chic and Profitable Purchase

| December 19, 2014

Argentario property

If you are looking to buy a property in Italy, either as an investment or as a retirement home, there are some truly amazing locations available to you.

Tuscany is probably one of the most popular regions in all of the country, especially when it comes to international tourists and foreign home-buyers such as yourself. Of course, with this popularity comes higher prices as well (but if you look carefully you can still find good bargains). Here at we have many properties you can browse and also plenty of information about Tuscany.

This time we’d like to suggest you the Argentario area. From amazing views of the countryside to offerings much closer to the beach, there truly is something for everyone. However, before you start looking at properties, it is very important to know a bit about this area.

Tuscany’s Southern Coast: Argentario

Located in the south of Tuscany, Argentario (literally “silver coastline”) is one of the most popular, but also trendy sea destination of the region and of the entire peninsula.

Argentario mapIt includes famous seaside towns of Orbetello, Albinia, Talamone; medieval villages like Fonteblanda; unique pearls of rare beauty such as Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano and the famous island of Giglio as well as the lesser known of Giannutri and Montecristo.

This well-known tourist area is very appreciated indeed offering excellent accommodations and experiences for people of all ages, from families with children to young people who want to play water sports (e.g. mountain biking, surfing, sailing, kite surfing, etc.) and also for its night life. But the proximity to the Maremma (a wild and pristine place still uncontaminated by mass tourism), also makes it very attractive for those looking to relax but still want to be close to the sea.

One of its main municipality is Monte Argentario, once an island, which boasts some truly stunning and chic locations, including the two ports of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, probably also the most famous. Monte Argentario is also an excellent launching spot to reach the mesmeric islands of Giannutri, Montecristo and Giglio. There are two major perks to you, should you decide to look towards this place. It allows you to easy take up water sports, go swimming or just lounger around on the long beach. The second is it is near large tourist attractions, so there is plenty to see and do.

>> In both cases, if you are looking to rent out your Italian home when you are not present, you are able to drastically increase the amount of money you can bring in through rentals, and it also improves the chances of your property being rented out the majority of the time, improving your investment thanks to the tourism which is one of the main resources of the entire Argentario area.

Monte Argentario

View from Monte Argentario by spigoo

Argentario Property Market: Location, Location, Location

It’s difficult to beat the true beauty, scenery and return on investment of this region. But it is also extremely important to have an understanding of the prices of Argentario property.

The same rule generally also applies in this case, where prices for Argentario property are going to increase the closer you move towards the beach. Depending on your budget, you may need to go with something smaller, should you want that beach front view (or to be located on the beach itself). You do need to consider the first rule of real estate though: location, location, location.

Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole by fabulousfabs

You might spend more the closer you are to the beach, but it also means you can ask for a substantial increase for rentals when on the water than someone who is just near the water. You might pay a higher price up front, but your lifetime return is going to be far higher.

The municipality of Monte Argentario is one of the most expensive of the area and of the entire Grosseto province to which it belongs, as long as the Giglio island. Here you can expect to pay at least 3,000 euros per square meter the farthest you are to the beach, but also to the very town centre. So prices do increase based on the specific location and also the construction itself. Its value grows if it has been completely renovated or if it’s brand new, although prices do vary. So you should always just take this as a general estimate for what you can expect to pay.

You could pay for example about 200,000 euros for a habitable apartment of 70 m² located in the town centre of Monte Argentario.

Prices can increase up to 6,000 euros for a sea front villa with direct access to the beach.


Countryside by spigoo

Of course, also the countryside of Monte Argentario is truly beautiful and has its own charm as well. While close to the beaches and tourist attractions, it is far enough away to give you a little slice of calm and quiet while still being a short drive away from the sea. For a home roughly two kilometers from the beach, you can have a completely restored detached house immersed in greenery for around 350,000 euro, which is an exceptional price when you think about walking from your private estate down to the beach in less than 15 minutes.

The second town of the Argentario is Orbetello, a picturesque and bustling city that lies the shores of the lagoon bearing the same name.

Here prices are a bit lower starting from 2,700 euros per square metre.

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