Ask Your Future Neighbours Before Buying A Home

| August 20, 2014

Italian living

Assume that you’ve already found a suitable housing solution in Italy. Are you sure it is the right one for you? Maybe you should ask your future neighbours before you buy it.

This is usually a step many people overlook during their search, but it could be very useful. Spending just 5 minutes having a chat with some neighbours could be very interesting and worthwhile to find out if services (e.g. schools, public transportation and shops), activities and, why not, people living in that area, fit with your habits and lifestyle.

Here are some helpful questions to ask your future neighbours in order to learn more about the house and its surroundings. This could help you make a good decision and possibly to put you in a better position when it comes to negotiate about the price.

1. Is there anything about the house that you know of?

Sometimes you can rely on the “historical memory” of the neighbours as per hidden problems that is better to find out before you buy than afterwards. Suppose that the seller forgot to mention some faults that the realtor don’t know (e.g. wet basement caused by water leaks), at this point your future neighbours might come to your aid.

Once you have these information, you could also ask for a double check in case no one of these problems arose during the previous general home inspection. So you will be able to get a better overview of the situation.

2. Do you know why the home owner is selling this house?

Do they know the reason why the home owner is selling the property or why he’s relocating? Gathering all the information you can might clue you into points that you didn’t know and could give you a little insight on what the situation really is.
You’ll be surprised what the neighbours might tell you and what you could find out.

3. How are the amenities?

Where is the nearest supermarket, hairstylist or dentist? Since you will spend a lot of time in your new property in Italy, it is important to have a better insight into what the neighbourhood has to offer.
If you do some physical activity, then it could be useful to know if there are some gyms or parks nearby to do some jogging for instance.

You still haven’t a car? Ask if the area is well served by public transportation.

So inform yourself about local amenities and get as much information as you can and need.

4. What do you like least about living here?

Get a feel for the things people living there would change or don’t like.

For example try to find out the crime status in the neighbourhood or whether it is a quiet place or not, if this is an essential prerogative for you.
Make a more informed decision!

Don’t be shy, have a chat with your new neighbours. Maybe you won’t regret it!
But remember, don’t take everything they say as being the truth… always verify what they tell you.

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