Tips for buying a dream home in South Sardinia

| June 10, 2014

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The beautiful Island of Sardinia is located in the west coast of Italy on the Mediterranean Sea and it is the second largest Island in Italy after Sicily. It is a region blessed with panoramic mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, and stunning landscapes. The southern part of Sardinia is endowed with wide valleys, canyons, clean beaches interspersed with picturesque cliff tops and creeks. Sardinia’s south has a lower population than the more popular luxurious north which has over the years ensured excellent preservation of its beautiful environment. Real estate in the Island of Sardinia has always been in high demand by both local and foreign buyers and investors.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena

The northern part of Sardinia with the Costa Smeralda has always been regarded as a luxurious tourist destination for the elite national and international visitors. As opposed to the south, where prices are relatively cheaper, the real estate market in the north is quite prohibitive for most people. Housing prices here range between 7.000 and 12.000 Euros per square metre in desirable places such as Porto Cervo. The recent years have also seen a veritable invasion of Italian and foreign investors in the famous tourist regions in the north and the surrounding areas with international connections served by major airports such as the Airport of Olbia in Costa Smeralda.

The investors have been attracted by market prices that are considered to be a bit “cheaper” than other more popular tourist destinations. These are actually customers and investors with very high average budgets, given that the value of property in the north is still very high. Despite the general fall in property prices in most parts of the country, the north has always maintained its high value with limited price fluctuations thanks to the region’s high quality of life and international prestige. Click here for a look at overall Sardinia housing market by Fleur Kinson!

cartina_homeAs stated, Sardinia’s south is less expensive than the north. The south has also in recent years started seeing an increased influx of tourists but most parts of the region still remain untouched and less touristy than the north. Property prices have however began to increase rapidly but are still about 50% less than in the more popular north. It is therefore possible to get the same beautiful sea, great landscapes, and rich Sardinian culture in the south for a much lower cost and away from mass tourism. By simply investing a modest amount in a home, villa, or apartment in the south, you will enjoy a few months each year in the pleasant mild Mediterranean climate, sample the exciting Sardinia local traditions, and explore the Island’s natural attractions. You can alternatively buy property in the southern part of Sardinia at a good price and transform it into an investment by renting it out, for example during summer when rental prices increase: this will give you nice returns every year.

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By a general comparison, houses in the province of Cagliari along the south-eastern coast have some of the highest prices given their proximity to the region’s major airport and ferry routes that connect to the cities of Naples and Civitavecchia. This is one of the key reasons why the value of property in Cagliari tends to rise to an average of around €2,700 per square metre. It is quite common to find an apartment in Cagliari, which is the capital of the Sardinia, going for around €200,000 while villa prices normally start from €270,000. The ease of accessibility and the large number of tourists makes property in Cagliari quite pricey. The highest prices in this region are usually found in the town of Santa Margherita di Pula (in the municipality of Pula), which is located in a prime area along the south-western coast of the Gulf of Angels.

South Sardinia

In summer the population of the town’s inhabitants is actually doubled by the large influx of tourists. This makes Santa Margherita di Pula a much sought after property market. Here you can purchase a detached villa located 500 metres from the sea and with a large garden in a surrounding area of 200 square metres for €690,000. Prices drop as we move away from this central area represented by Cagliari, the capital, and the most famous seaside resorts that revolve around it.

At Quartu Sant’Elena, for example you can buy a new terraced house with garden for 1,500 per square metre. You can also get a small apartment in the same town for less than €100,000. Property prices fall further in the western side, for example along the Sulcis coast, where it is possible to buy an independent house just 500 metres from the sea with a garden in an area of more than 100 square metres for just €220,000. The Sulcis region lies on the southwestern side of Sardinia and is well known for scenic landscapes created by the chain of Sulcis Mountains.

Quartu Sant'Elena

Quartu Sant’Elena

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