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Is Campania the new California?

Campania and its capital city, Naples, have become more and more known as a sought-after tourist destination (but not only), attracting hundreds of thousands of Italian and foreign visitors and would-be buyers. This popularity is due to an increase in the number of cultural and sports activities and events, as well as to a successful union of cinema… Read More »

Coasts of Campania

Campania is a region that thrills all the senses. It’s awash with colour and buzzing with excitement. Its air carries the tang of lemons and the salt of the sea. Its warm, sensuous climate caresses the skin and its cuisine stuns the tastebuds. (Campania has the best pizza, best ice cream and best pasta in all of Italy,… Read More »

Colorful Campania

By Fleur Kinson Named “the happy land” (Campania felix) by the ancient Romans, Campania is an intensely colourful and romantic region, with stunning geography and fabulous foodstuffs. Few parts of Italy can compete for leisure-appeal with a region that boasts the heady glory of the Amalfi Coast, the sweetness of Sorrento, the chic island-life of Capri, the drama… Read More »