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Italy: The Healthiest Country on Earth

Italy is good for your health! Many of us whimsically suspect this when we’re enjoying leisure time in Italy, but in fact there is actual truth behind the idea. Italy boasts one of the highest life expectancy on earth You might like to know that the average Italian lives three years longer (82.9 years) than the average American… Read More »

7 Facts about Christmas in Italy

If you choose Christmas time to come to Italy, take a look at these interesting facts to experience the ‘bel paese’ to its fullest! 1. Festivities don’t end on December 25 In Italy the holiday spirit begins on December 8th, day of the Immaculate Conception (Immacolata Concezione), when many Italians traditionally decorate their Christmas trees and put up… Read More »

Live in Italy, Speak Italian, Be Italian!

  Italian is a passionate and complex language, both beautiful and exciting to hear, bursting with regional shades of meaning that the Italian people themselves squabble over on a daily basis. It’s the closest in terms of vocabulary to the mother of all Romance languages, Latin, and it was finally endorsed as an official language rather than a… Read More »