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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home in Milan

Well done, Italy! Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Lombardy will host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games beating Stockholm-Åre. Milan is now at the centre of the world’s spotlight and it will be for the next years as its entire surrounding area. It has many things and opportunities to offer that make it a perfect destination for house hunters… Read More »

A Room with a View onto Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo, or Lago d’Iseo in Italian, is located in the Lombardy region of Italy and is the fourth largest lake in the peninsula. It is a long and winding body of pristine clear waters sheltered by mountains. The beauty of the surrounding countryside is breath-taking! And if you like the lake life this is also the best… Read More »

Escaping to Italy: London VS. Milan

Milan and London are very similar cities. Perhaps this is due in part to their long history and common ancestry. Milan lies within the Lombardy region and was founded several centuries before the Common Era, and London only a few decades into the Common Era, but a combination of geography and educational and financial opportunities made both cities… Read More »