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Q&A: Travelling to Italy in the Time of Covid-19

[Article last updated on June 12, 2020] Italy’s lockdown eases little by little and June 3rd , 2020, has marked an important step forward. Now people can move with no restrictions from one Italian region to another, but also its national borders are now open to some tourists. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about… Read More »

Italy’s Lockdown Eases: What You Can Do Now

Some of us are so happy that things are finally starting again in Italy, others are cautiously optimistic about the situation with Covid 19, but we all hope for the best. We hope to continue hearing only good news from the coronavirus front. After more than two months of severe nationwide lockdown, the government is beginning to relax… Read More »

What About House Hunters and Their Italian Property Dream? – Survey Results Revealed

What international house hunters now think of Italy because of the current situation with Coronavirus? Will Covid 19 affect their dream of purchasing a second home there? No way. On April 10th we’ve asked our 50,000 Newsletter subscribers through a survey for which we received an overwhelming response. Their love for Italy, their feedback and support is extremely… Read More »

The Greenest Italian Towns

The year’s end is fast approaching. It’s a time when many choose to reflect on the months gone by and to set your 2020 goals. So, if you are thinking about relocating abroad, you could start from this list of the greenest destinations in Italy compiled by Legambiente, the Italian environmentalist association. In their report, Ecosistema Urbano, they… Read More »

Italy: New Eldorado for Pensioners from all Around the World?

What’s the best place to retire abroad? Italy, of course! Or even better, the South of Italy. Especially since when the country has introduced the Flat Tax for pensioners, which consists in very favourable tax conditions to encourage Italian and non-Italian retirees to move to the peninsula, as Portugal did in 2009. As part of the 2019 Annual… Read More »