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Now It’s Easier to Renovate Your Home in Italy

Are you thinking about renovating your Italian property? Be aware that in order to avoid incurring any sanctions it is necessary to request authorisation from the comune (local council) before starting any works. Starting from 22nd April it is no longer necessary to get any type of permission if the renovation to improve your home in Italy doesn’t involve… Read More »

Owning A Home In A Ghost Town Of Italy: It’s A Growing Trend

As many of you will probably know, Italy has a bountiful treasure for visitors and home buyers to discover! Among its riches are mesmeric landscapes, centuries-old culture and identity, but also its borghi dotting the entire peninsula. These hamlets dating back to the Middle Ages are towns composed of ancient stone-built farmhouses and barns with courtyards and gardens,… Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Restoration

Transforming an old tumbledown property into a tailor-made home is the ultimate dream of many buyers in Italy. Over the last forty years or so, many thousands of foreign buyers have made that dream a reality whether by totally rebuilding a ruined pile of old stones to make a splendid house, or merely by tweaking and fixing-up a… Read More »

The Best Places to Buy Your Italian Farmhouse

What is possibly the most popular and sought-after Italian dwelling? The answer is a farmhouse! Wooden beams, stone or exposed brick walls, the presence of a wood oven or a well are just some of its architectural elements. There is no region or province that does not have its ancient  buildings, clearly with their different local peculiarities which… Read More »