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Owning A Home In A Ghost Town Of Italy: It’s A Growing Trend

As many of you will probably know, Italy has a bountiful treasure for visitors and home buyers to discover! Among its riches are mesmeric landscapes, centuries-old culture and identity, but also its borghi dotting the entire peninsula. These hamlets dating back to the Middle Ages are towns composed of ancient stone-built farmhouses and barns with courtyards and gardens,… Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Restoration

Transforming an old tumbledown property into a tailor-made home is the ultimate dream of many buyers in Italy. Over the last forty years or so, many thousands of foreign buyers have made that dream a reality whether by totally rebuilding a ruined pile of old stones to make a splendid house, or merely by tweaking and fixing-up a… Read More »

The Best Places to Buy Your Italian Farmhouse

What is possibly the most popular and sought-after Italian dwelling? The answer is a farmhouse! Wooden beams, stone or exposed brick walls, the presence of a wood oven or a well are just some of its architectural elements. There is no region or province that does not have its ancient  buildings, clearly with their different local peculiarities which… Read More »