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Your Chance to Say the Words “My Castle in Umbria”

Umbria: a land of gently rolling hills, dotted with tall and elegant cypresses. A land jealously coveted by its neighbours and by foreign powers throughout history, but which seems untouched by the vicissitudes of time. Many powerful nobles staked their claim here, and left a rich heritage of fortresses, castles, and churches. Here tower-blocks are a distant memory,… Read More »

A look at Nera Valley in Umbria

The Umbria region continues to be a popular destination for foreigners interested in the region’s magnificent landscapes, rich historical heritage, and the famous Italian charming culture. The Nera Valley in Umbria has often been compared to more affluent Italian regions such as Tuscany and other quaint rural towns with a high quality of life, thanks to its rich… Read More »

Olive Oil, Fine Wine and Gentle Hills: the Umbrian Valley

The Umbrian Valley, with beautiful rolling countryside leading up to the Apennine spine of Italy, invites newcomers with a warm and unpretentious charm. Umbria has shown little inclination to mimic glitzier regions, such as Tuscany or Lombardy, and this peaceful landlocked region has retained much of its ancient atmosphere. Often called “the green heart of Italy”, Umbria is… Read More »