Covid-19 and House-Hunting in Italy After Lockdown

| May 7, 2020

House-hunting in Italy during Covid-19

Estate agencies in Italy are always here to help

What does this mean? According to a recent survey that has carried out among estate agencies in Italy during lockdown, the 86,18% of them continued to work remotely. According to our statistics, they spent their time in different and very useful activities such as improving the quality of property listings (76.42%), online learning (66.98%) to offer a better experience to their customers and of course they’ve continued to reply to requests of information (81.13%).

From May 4th they ‘ve officially reopened their offices to the public with the maximum caution respecting social distancing and sanitary measures, so that now they can carry out additional activites. For example they can visit properties for sale and take photos, make virtual tours and measurements. Now they are able to provide you with further information and material about real estates you are interested in, but also put new housing solutions on the market. Click here and listen to what they say.

First days at work for Margò Immobiliare (Umbria)

WHAT WE RECOMMEND: if you are in contact with an estate agent in Italy or you’ll contact one of them, ask what services they can now provide you since they can differ from one another. So you can also have an idea about it.

The digital enhancement of the real estate activities has now become imperative

Digital now means everything. During the past two months estate agents exploited new tools like digital documents and video conferencing services for example. These new digital skills and tools will be very helpful now and in the future. They have transistioned very well to a different way of doing things.

As a matter of fact, many more agencies are now offering videos and virtual tours of their properties on our website so that would-be buyers can have a more precise idea of what houses look like even if they still can’t come and visit them with thier own eyes. The one you can explore virtually on have a a 360 degrees or a play icon just below the photos.

First days at work for Immobiliare Piccinelli (Lombardy)

Prices of houses in Italy down to 2020 and 2021, and till 2022

Corinavirus hasn’t stopped the search of a house in Italy. Italians are still looking for their ideal abode in the peninsula as well as overseas buyers. There were a lot of buyers in the market before the coronavirus hit and a lot buyers are still there looking to take advantage of what has happened. And that’s the right thing to do now.

In fact according to the majority of the estate agents we’ve asked (65.04%), property prices − which were on average around 1,697 euros per square meter − will go down. Also Nmisma, the renowned research and consulting company in Italy, forecasts that this year they will be between -1% and -3%, while for next year it is estimated between -3% and -10% with a majour impact on smaller towns and the South.

So if you were looking for a home in Italy, don’t put your dream on hold.

9 thoughts on “Covid-19 and House-Hunting in Italy After Lockdown

  1. Alicia

    Estoy vendiendo mi casa en Buenos Aires, decididamente quiero pasar el resto de mi vida en Italia.

  2. Susan Esquivel

    thank you for your kind emails. I live in USA & we can not fly anywhere ,…probaly till christmas…

    I really enjoy looking at some of the houses /one bedroom apartments near the ocean at a low price yet clean & nice…I hope one day to comne back to Italy

    Thank you so much
    In Kindness

    Susan Esquivel

  3. Tara Wright

    Is there any possibility Italy is considering offering mortgages to people over 60 to help boost their economy?

  4. Eileen Hall

    Thanks for keeping my dream alive. More than ever I am determined to purchase a property in Italy, and now my son who lives in Hong Kong is planning to retire to Italy.

    These dark days make me more determined.

    Take care and stay safe

  5. Rachel Speed

    I am looking for a farmhouse and land by or on the sea.


      Hi Rachel,

      In which region of Italy are you mainly interested in? And what’s your budget?

      If you want we can also forward your message to a couple of reliable real estate agencies working with us in the area, so they can send you via email some housing solutions according to your needs.

      Just let us know.

      All the best,

      the team

  6. Tracey Becker

    My sister and I are determined to find an apartment to buy in Scalea, Calabria. Thank you for keeping your posts up to date.

  7. Tamara Norman

    I need a reliable english speaking agent in tuscany. Can you recommend anyone?


      Hi Tamara,

      We have many reliable estate agencies in Tuscany. Which area are you mainly interested in?

      Best wishes,

      the team


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