Discovering Puglia and its Unusual properties

| March 7, 2014

Trullo in Puglia

There are many fine countries around the world. However one seems to stick out as being known for wonderful things about the country itself rather than just one city. When people speak of Italy, they speak of Italy, not about one small town or city, but the country as a whole. Italy is well known for its complete and overall beauty, food, wine, landscape and views.

There are many different regions within Italy, which are much like states or counties in America. One of these regions is Puglia. Puglia is the part of Italy that forms the high heel of what people affectionately call the boot of Italy. This area, in particular, is one of the areas rich in farmland, history and plains as opposed to the usual mountain terrain in other areas. The climate is absolutely beautiful all year long as well.

Actually, it is partially because of this constant mild temperature that they have so much open land and so many farms. It is the perfect place to grow all kinds of things, even grapes for wine or olive trees to make olive oil, which can be temperamental about where they grow. In fact, the area has won awards for their amazing food. They have such great cuisine because they have all of the plants needed to grow it all. Between the warmth, being surrounded almost completely by bodies of water, having plenty of land, amazing food, rich history and such even terrain, many buyers are looking for a beautiful property for sale in Puglia.

If you wish to buy a home that is complete, especially if you find an estate or home that you already love, you can save the cost of renovating one of the historical ones. has some amazing farm estates, Trulli and historic houses for sale in Puglia to look at. Trulli, as they are known in Italy are actually huts with cone shaped roofs and rich history. Many of them were built originally for temporary use, yet they have stood the test of time and become a real treat for tourists. In fact many people choose to buy them to either preserve them or convert them slightly into a more modern space while keeping the rare structure as in tact as possible.

Masserie, fortified farms with estates, are also an option, some over 300 years old with a lot of property and some beautiful and historical structures. You can choose to live in one as is or do some renovations to make it your own. This is a very popular place to buy one of these vacation or secondary homes and to enjoy the wide open space, the beautiful views, wonderful food and versatility. This is one part of Italy where the sky is definitely the limit.

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