Homes with Perfect Fireplaces for Santa’s Arrival in Italy

| December 22, 2016

santa claus

We are counting down the hours between us and the most awaited and magical night of the year – Christmas Eve!

If you are still a believer in Father Christmas, then don’t you think that your Italian dream home should have a suitable chimney through which to let him in, with his bag of gifts?

For this Christmas 2016, we have chosen 5 unique properties for sale in Italy with fabulous chimneys… maybe next year you will be able to see Father Christmas come down through one of them with his sack full of presents. A warning though… remember to put out the fire!

See our ‘ho ho ho homes’!

1. Farmhouse immersed in the greenery of Umbria region

farmhouse in Umbria

If the green heart of Italy, Umbria, could be the right location for your new life in the peninsula, then this fabulous renovated farmhouse with swimming pool and superbly positioned in the medieval village of San Venanzo could be your perfect retreat. The property offers marvellous rooms including a beautiful lounge, which is just the right place to unwrap gifts in front of the massive stone fireplace. Surely Santa will have enough space to get down it with his big sack of presents, don’t you think so? 

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2. Unique mountain chalet in Valle d’Aosta

Valle Aosta

Ok it’s true… many love Italy for its mild and sunny climate, but to spend your December holidays in a magical place such as this mountain cabin which is located in the Gran Paradiso National Park, could be the perfect option for your next Christmas. When outside it’s snowing and cold, what could be better than to gather in front of a hearth like this with your family? Perfect for those looking for a unique property in an unspoilt location at a very affordable price.

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3. Home with a view over lake Como


Even the table is already set for Christmas Eve supper in this country house with unparalleled views over Lake Como and its splendid Comancina Island and surrounding mountains. Everything is prepared for you to spend an evening with family and close friends in front of the fire waiting for Father Christmas to come down this lovely chimney or down the one in the living room. Could you find a more inviting place in which to welcome him?! Maybe you could even allow him a well deserved relaxing soak in the terrace jacuzzi, after such a long journey around the world delivering gifts. 

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4. Typical property surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub


But even southern Italy can offer ideal scenarios for your winter holidays. Just have a look at this beautiful renovated ‘lamia’ immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and situated in the southern stretch of Puglia region. It has been constructed entirely of local stone, including the lovely fireplace that you can find in the living room. And after the arrival of Father Christmas, you can start thinking about trying on your swimwear given that the crystal clear water of the Ionian Sea is just a step away.

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5. Charming country house in picturesque Tuscan village


If however, you do not want to give up the coveted Tuscany, with just a moderate budget, you can grab this completely renovated house. Care has been taken to maintain its old rustic charm and it is located in the picturesque hill town of Comano, in Lunigiana, land of castles and intimate atmosphere. Ideal for a unique Christmas getaway. And what about this living room with stone walls, beamed ceiling and fireplace? It is just waiting for you.

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Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!

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