Is Campania the new California?

| July 20, 2016

Scenic picture-postcard view of the city of Napoli (Naples) with famous Mount Vesuvius in the background in golden evening light at sunset, Campania, Italy

Campania and its capital city, Naples, have become more and more known as a sought-after tourist destination (but not only), attracting hundreds of thousands of Italian and foreign visitors and would-be buyers.

This popularity is due to an increase in the number of cultural and sports activities and events, as well as to a successful union of cinema and literature that have brought this region to international fame even further.

Naples in particular is now in the spotlight thanks to the novels of the mysterious writer Elena Ferrante, a pseudonym behind which hides an identity never revealed.

The extraordinary international success of the saga, set in the streets of Naples in the ’50s, especially among the British and Americans, not only has brought a large number of tourists to the city but has also convinced Domenico Procacci and Fandango to work on a TV series which will be named “The Neapolitan Novels”. It will be directly produced for the US market, in collaboration with Wildside and other foreign partners that are not known yet.

There will be four seasons, like the number of books composing the cycle of the “Neapolitan Novels”, each with eight episodes.

In fact, the four novels have had so much success in the USA that the last volume, “The Story of the Lost Child”, published in Italy in 2014, was included in the list of the 10 Best Books of 2015 by The New York Times. Ferrante’s novels talk about the parallel lives of two little girls, Lila and Elena, as they grow up in Naples, the stage where their lives unfold, surrounded by a round-up of unforgettable characters.

So following the international success of Gomorrah, “made in Italy” has also entered the TV series market.

Tourism in Campania region

In 2015, there was a real tourism boom, confirmed by MiBACT’s data on visits to Italian museums. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism has confirmed an overall trend of growth, with the region taking second place behind Lazio with over 7 million visitors to museums, ahead of Tuscany, a region that has always been among the most popular abroad.

Ischia island - italian holidays

The amazing volcanic island of Ischia

A substantial and constant growth that in the last three years has led to a renewed increase in the flow of tourists, even in areas usually not as popular as Capri or Positano, and which has especially affected the city of Naples. And how could we forget that there are 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Campania?

Historic Centre of Naples
Royal Palace of Caserta
Amalfi Coast
Cilento National Park
Church of Santa Sofia in Benevento

Besides this, it has one of the most beautiful and popular coasts in the world, unique in its kind. A littorial that is ideally split between the most popular Amalfi Coast in the North and the most unspoilt  Cilentan coast in the South. And how could we not mention its wonderful islands?

Getting around in Campania for the summer

In the summer months of July and August, the area is well served by public transport that is increased in view of the larger flow of tourists. It’s very easy to move from one area to another thanks to the Metrò del Mare (literally “sea metro”), 4 lines of hydrofoil shuttles that connect the capital, Naples, and Salerno with the Amalfi coast and the most touristy areas of Cilento. With prices ranging from 3 to 17 euros, it is cheap enough to make it a better choice than travelling by car. In fact, because of the summer heat and the traffic, cars are not always the best means of transport to reach tourist destinations in Campania.


Camerota: one of the splendid beaches along the coastline of Cilento

This way, connections are faster than by using traditional ferries, although those still depart from the ports of Naples and Salerno to the Islands.

Anyone who is planning their visit to Campania, just for a summer holiday or even to test the waters in search of the ideal place to buy a house in Italy, will also have the opportunity to enjoy the recent reopening of Faito Cable Car. It connects the city of Castellammare di Stabia with the Summit of Mount Faito which, at 1200m of height, overlooks the coast in all its splendour, including Mount Vesuvius.

Living and visiting Campania and Naples: the new navel of the world

Many fall in love with this magnificent area in the South of Italy to the point that, after having stayed there just as a tourist, they decide to make it their perfect place in the sun where they can own a second home and spend the summer months or even their retirement years.

In fact, this area offers not only places to visit, but also new opportunities for growth and work. Did you know? Suffice it to say that Apple has announced that they will open the first European iOS App Development Centre in Naples, with the intention of helping students and teachers to invent the apps of tomorrow. In addition, Apple will work with partners throughout Italy who will provide training for developers to complete this curriculum and create more opportunities.









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