Italian Property Hotspots 2015: Friuli, Veneto, Sicily

| February 5, 2015

SicilyItaly is a popular holiday destination for worldwide tourists, and many home buyers looking for a home in Europe consider it one of the top spots for relocation or a second home.

It’s hardly surprising Italy is so much in demand, when it comes to lifestyle we have fantastic weather, a wonderful history and architecture to rival or beat anywhere else in the world and a slower pace of life. What’s more you’ll find family values are important to all Italians and its legendary sense of style is renowned across the world.

Where is good to buy in Italy in 2015? Our statistics for Italian real estate enquiries for 2014 have revealed the top property hot spots that are most appealing to buyers looking for an Italian property.

Popular Locations for a New Home in Italy

Analysis of enquiries we received in 2014 for Italian property for sale on has revealed just how popular Italy has become as a property destination for overseas buyers and we anticipate this trend will continue for 2015. Our top four locations for home buyers were the same for 2014 as in 2013:

Tuscany (1st)
Liguria (2nd)
Puglia (3rd)
Sardinia (4th)

But increased demand in 2014 was noted especially for 3 areas: Friuli, Veneto and Sicily. Let’s found out more about these regions!

Cividale del Friuli

Cividale: wealth of art treasures and a historic town centre full of atmosphere and charm by liveactionhero

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which is in north east Italy and borders Slovenia and Austria. This is a mountainous region which has a beauty of its own. Numerous rivers, lakes and springs make Friuli a fertile area and the region has a rich cultural heritage and also offers beautiful sandy beaches along the coast.

If you’re interested in Friuli real estate you’ll find prices start from €300 per square meter for habitable properties in smaller towns and villages. For a detached house offering 120 m2 would be around €40,000. You could purchase a newly built one bedroom apartment offering about 50 square meters accommodation in the main city of Trieste for around €65,000 or a renovated one bedroom apartment with slightly more space for about €59,000.


Caorle: seaside resort & fishing town in Veneto by e-iesse

Veneto, most well known for its regional capital Venice, Veneto is a region of contrasts with mountains, hills, plains and lagoons. The region stretches from the Dolomites to the Adriatic and has a short border with Austria, it’s famous for its thermal waters and treatments and is more densely populated than Friuli.

Consequently you’ll pay a little more for your property in Veneto than for a similar Italian home in Friuli. You can expect to pay around €1,500 per square meter for a renovated property in the region. You’re likely to find some lovely, historic farm houses and country homes and prices could be quite cheap in the countryside, especially if compared to more touristy destinations, such as Venice.


Taormina main square by gnuckx

Sicily, which is the largest of the islands off the coast of Italy and a top tourist destination. Sicily is renowned for its year-round warm climate and terrific views of Mount Etna. The island has a varied heritage featuring plenty of historic Greek and Norman architecture.

Property in Sicily is quite affordable and taking time to research the area will reveal property bargains. One example of this being a villa in the beautiful nature reserve Plemmirio, offering 96,000 square meters of accommodation and for sale at a bargain price of €110,000.

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