Italy: Country of Choice for People Across the World

| November 14, 2014

Uffizi gallery in FlorenceWhat nationality are you?

If you’re thinking of moving to Italy you could find out that your new neighbours speak the same language as you. How come? Since the dawn of time Italy has always been one of the most beloved countries by people worldwide. And they choose Italy not only as a popular tourist destination but very often also as their second home overseas.

Just think of Chianti area in Tuscany, one of the most well-known and appreciated places by visitors from across the world… nowadays it is jokingly called Chianti-shire because of the many Brits owning a property there.

For someone living among other fellow countrymen is essential as they think they can arrange their new lives more easily, for others this is not acceptable because they want to experience in toto the new culture and language. Which one is you?

Find out the most popular regions with your compatriots and why.

The new and traditional tourism industry

«A beautiful fairy-tale» that’s how Gregory Peck described his Roman Holidays. After 60 years the timeless charm of Italy stays the same: romance, exquisite food, extraordinary history and art, mesmeric landscapes.

But in recent years the tourism industry in Italy has evolved. The Bel Paese has also become the most preferred destination for the most exclusive weddings and holidays for rich Americans, Indians and Arab Sheiks. Different cities in the country have received the world millionaire’s events in five-star resort hotels and superb locations. For example Puglia, today one of the most attractive places in Italy, this year hosted the wedding of Justine Timberlake and Jessica Biel; Florence has been chosen by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and Venice by the Hollywood star George Clooney and Amal, as some of the high profile weddings of the world. They stream in Italy to enjoy their private events and holidays, but always more often to buy luxury homes and villas.


Florence panorama by Ghost of Kuji

An increasing number of Chinese visiting Italy now don’t come just to tour the cities of Milan, Venice or Rome to celebrate their weddings, as they did before, but they also buy properties and visit other areas, namely Naples, Lake Como, and Cinque Terre (Liguria) because these locations have convenient shopping areas, restaurants and other social amenities where they can buy Italian foods and wine. They would also go to these places for honeymoon, golfing, and entertainment.

Traditionally the Italian tourism industry has always attracted many Russians to visit the Riviera Romagnola (the towns of Rimini and Riccione in particular), or Versilia (Tuscany region), Amalfi and Emerald costs, in case they are wealthy, to have a feel of seashore holidaying and relaxation.


Sardinia by trevis_lu

But Germans are the ones who are particularly in love with Italy. Landscapes have always been the main alluring reason for coming as they look for relax away from home to enjoy the warm climate and sea of the Bel Paese. Very often, behind their choice lies the tradition. As a matter of fact German Chancellor Angela Merkel usually spends her holidays in the Ischia island as their compatriots have done since the 18th century electing it for its wonderful spa. Same for the Brits with Capri that was chosen many centuries ago by their ancient writers and intellectuals.

Areas with high demand of property in Italy

With the different attraction of foreigners in Italy, there is also an increased demand for homes. At the moment the evergreen Tuscany, Liguria and Puglia (a recent entry) are the areas with the highest property demand.

Italy has a unique and extremely rich culture expressed in the way of design and development of gorgeous homes of elegant architecture within the cities and seaside resorts. It also boasts beautiful and varied landscape sceneries as each region is different from one another and has its typical traits. In the boot-shaped country you can just find everything you are looking for, from the sea to the mountains via rolling hills and lakes. And the three regions of Tuscany, Liguria and Puglia are the ones now experiencing the highest level of popularity abroad. This is also one of reasons why Tuscany and Liguria are among the most expensive areas, even if you can still find good bargains if you look carefully, especially with prices now falling. Just think of the beautiful Lunigiana territory lying on the border between the two.


Analysing the number of enquiries received in 2014 by for properties for sale in Italy, British home-hunters are the most interested in buying a property in the Bel Paese beating also the Americans that were always been the most attracted by Italy for many years. Among their favourite destinations, apart from Tuscany and Liguria, which are on top of the ranking, Puglia and Abruzzo are the other most requested areas. And here you will find a wide range of properties at very competitive prices.

As a non-Italian before acquiring property you should ensure you do your market research well. So, start now on to find your ideal home in Italy.

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