Le Marche, Paradise in the Hills

| December 14, 2015

home in Le MarcheThe Apennine Mountains on one side, the Adriatic coastline on the other side: in the middle rolling hills on top of which ancient villages rise protected by their solid walls. This is the hinterland of Le Marche region, a condensation of Italy where history, culture and landscape deserve to be discovered.

The hilly stretch of Le Marche represents the two-thirds of the region which is characterized by intensive and specialized cultivations, such as the orchards of the Aso Valley or the vineyards that extend visibly from north to south.

There are manifold ancient towns in the hilly Le Marche where you can spend relaxing holidays all year round and which are particularly suitable for those who want to escape from the hurly burly of the most popular tourist destination and also practising outdoors activities like riding, canoeing, mountain biking and so on. Not to mention the Apennines which offer many ski resorts and interesting routes for people who love skiing. And if you are a foodie or an art addicted no better place than this!

The Property Market in the hilly area of Le Marche

Le Marche has been growing as a tourist destination during the last decades. It gained popularity among international home hunters so that it is now considered as “the second Tuscany” and one of the best places in the world to retire. As a matter of fact moving to this area not only means stop rushing and enjoy life, but also have easy access to both the mountains and the sea.

Fiorenzola di Focara

View of the Adriatic sea from the hamlet of Fiorenzola di Focara by Martin Thomas Photography

So if you’re looking for your own place in the sun you need to know that here you can find plenty of farmhouses to choose from and to restore to suit your taste of the perfect home in Le Marche. Their prices are lower than the nearby and more famous Tuscany, despite having gone higher due to its popularity among home hunters.

What you might get: Generally speaking property prices decrease as you move away from the coastline. For instance just 3 km from the sea, in the lovely medieval town of Acquaviva Picena you can spend about €1,500 / m² for a renovated detached house with wide garden, but even less if you move more inland. In fact, in the village of Castorano, 20 km from the Adriatic sea, the price is about €1,200 / m².

But bear in mind that the north of Le Marche (Pesaro-Urbino province) is a bit more expensive than this. For example, a home in the wonderful Renaissance town of Urbino will costs about €1,800 / m².

Take a tour of the best properties for sale in Le Marche!

A farmhouse in Le Marche

The rural part of Le Marche is home to ancient buildings formerly owned by farmers who resided in the hills. The old houses symbolize the history of Le Marche’s society and culture that has been passed from generation to generation. The ancient architecture designs express the history and tradition of hard work, values and family affairs.


In the countryside of Le Marche region by sgobbone

In Le Marche hinterland you will find 4 main types of rural houses (case coloniche in Italian):

1) Rural houses with internal staircase, also called abitazione a solaro. On the first floor they comprises bedrooms and kitchen, which was the very heart of the home with its big fireplace. Downstairs, just underneath the bedrooms, are the stables so that the farmer could hear every noise during the night in case of cattle raiding. It also boasts a wide front courtyard called aia. They are located in lowlands area and towards the sea.

2) Rural houses with external staircase leading to the first floor. It has the same structure of farmhouses with internal staircase, but these are situated in a hilly position.

3) On the hills, moving more inland towards the mountains, you will find the case di pendio. They spread over a first floor that represents the habitable area, and a basement used as stable and cellar. They were built with local stones, pink or gray/white depending on the area, whereas the other types of farmhouses were built with exposed bricks.

4) Case a pianta quadrata (square house plan). They boast wide rooms arranged over 2 floors. These are more rare but very impressive and with wonderful details. Among their main features are terracotta tiles for the front courtyard and arched main door with the written date when the property was built.

Nowadays you can get one of this typical country houses starting from about €50,000/€60,000, but you find real bargains. In the small and ancient hilltop town of Ripatransone, situated in a panoramic position just 12 km from the sea, for instance you could find a 140 m² farmhouse to be fully restored with land for about €40,000. Partially restored farmhouses goes for about € 130,000/€150,000 at least, whereas a completely renovated property are listed for sale starting from €250,000/€300,000.

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[Featured image by Martin Thomas Photography]


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