QUIZ: How much do you know about Molise?

Molise’s a pretty cool place with lots to see and do although it’s a very small region. Let’s see how much you know about it with our interactive quiz. Can you guess 10/10 facts about Molise? Don’t worry if you get some answers wrong, you’ll learn a lot along the way (and you can always take the quiz… Read More »

Homes in Molise For Less Than € 150K!

A tight budget? Don’t worry, you can still afford a house in Italy. Just head to Molise! Maybe for under € 150,000 you won’t get a home with an outdoor kitchen and luxury finishes, but you could grab a lovely retreat with breathtaking views. We’ve searched and found some amazing bargains on Gate-away.com just for you: 1. Character… Read More »

Now It’s Easier to Renovate Your Home in Italy

Are you thinking about renovating your Italian property? Be aware that in order to avoid incurring any sanctions it is necessary to request authorisation from the comune (local council) before starting any works. Starting from 22nd April it is no longer necessary to get any type of permission if the renovation to improve your home in Italy doesn’t involve… Read More »

Purchase a House in Italy for only €1

Residents and authorities of some Italian villages started to see the power of investment in local areas. That’s why they are launching schemes to sell old dwellings to buyers for a symbolic € 1 fee! Can you believe it? And it’s seems like this is a growing trend. Sambuca in Sicily did just that with the aim of… Read More »

How to buy a house in Ollolai for € 1

In the very heart of Sardinia and immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation rises Ollolai, a picturesque village with a population of about 1,500 and whose old buildings are made of typical local grey granite rock. Here time has stood still so if you are you considering moving to Italy and want to enjoy its slower-paced life, then it… Read More »