Your Guide to Italian Emotions. Evviva!

What about learning Italian? The best way to appreciate the beauties of the boot-shaped country is doing it in Italian! So today we will learn the Italian Exclamations together… Che bello! It is more than a language and exclamations are used to express multiple reactions and a range of emotions that could include astonishment, happiness, confusion, sadness, anger, excitement… Read More »

Your Home in Italy for A Brand New Year

Welcome 2019! Have you already found your perfect Italian retreat? We have pulled together 8 delightful homes from that would make great places to start your life in Italy this year. They are all set in perfect locations for celebrating the brand new year. 1. Character apartment in Porto Empedocle – Sicily   PRICE: € 95,000 Take… Read More »

A New Tool for You on

Have you already used the new functionality? We work hard to make using our website an ever better experience during your house hunting process. So this time we have introduced a new tool to make your search faster and more accurate just in time for the New Year. Now, you can search for your ideal home in… Read More »

7 Facts about Christmas in Italy

If you choose Christmas time to come to Italy, take a look at these interesting facts to experience the ‘bel paese’ to its fullest! 1. Festivities don’t end on December 25 In Italy the holiday spirit begins on December 8th, day of the Immaculate Conception (Immacolata Concezione), when many Italians traditionally decorate their Christmas trees and put up… Read More »