Live in Italy, Speak Italian, Be Italian!

  Italian is a passionate and complex language, both beautiful and exciting to hear, bursting with regional shades of meaning that the Italian people themselves squabble over on a daily basis. It’s the closest in terms of vocabulary to the mother of all Romance languages, Latin, and it was finally endorsed as an official language rather than a… Read More »

Italy Is Offering Historic Buildings for Free: How to Get One

Are you ready to own your “surreal estate” in Italy and start a business? In the past it was lighthouses. Now Italy’s State Property Agency (Agenzia del Demanio) along with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage are giving away 103 abandoned historic sites all over the country. This means masserias, small railway stations, castles, monasteries, roadman’s houses and towers… Read More »

Guess Who: Know Your International Neighbour in Italy in An Infographic

If you are thinking of moving to Italy, probably you already know that you won’t find many people from your own home country or other international neighbours living in your same place, but locals especially. Italy differs widely from other nations, such as Spain where people tend to settle in those same neighbourhoods where their compatriots live. On… Read More »