Puglia Houses for Sale: Salento Up and Coming Area

| March 23, 2016


The Salento area of Italy is a huge lush plain in Puglia situated between two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian sea that meet in Capo di Santa Maria di Leuca and creates the ‘heel’ of the ‘boot-shaped’ country. This is largely an unspoilt land boasting some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches and nowadays it is becoming more and more popular with overseas visitors thinking to move to Italy.

In many respects Puglia could be likened to Cornwall in Britain… Might be that this is the reason for which it is now one of the most sought-after Italian territories for Brits looking for a property for sale in Italy? This sun-kissed region with its 250 km of coastline is traditionally popular with Italian holidaymakers and renowned for great beaches and good locally sourced foods, particularly the freshly caught fish. Some of its local wines are Negroamaro, Salice Salentino and Primitivo di Manduria, and agriculture plays an important economic role for this region.

Its traditional local abodes are known as trulli, unique dwellings in the world boasting unusual conical shape, while the masseria in Puglia is far more substantial and features straight lines and squared towers. Many international buyers in search of a house for sale in Italy, pristine waters and landscapes are being drawn to these unusual aspects of Salento property.

Real estate in Salento

As the popularity of Salento as a tourist destination increases, so does its attraction to overseas buyers looking for a second home or retirement property in Italy. Although it is probably one of the most expensive areas of the region, real estate prices are still quite affordable also for beach houses for sale in Puglia, and do represent real bargains with average real estate prices that usually do not exceed €1,600 – €2,000/m² in the most popular destinations.

The Adriatic coastline features breathtaking cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches. Pine forests cast their fragrant aromas into the warm air of this region and the Cesine Oasis is a protected local nature reserve. You’re sure to admire the beauty of the crystal sea waters and caves and rocky inlets abound in the area.

san vito dei normanni

Wonderful and lovingly restored 130 m² trullo in San Vito dei Normanni for sale at €150,000 neg. More details

You’ll find house prices are a bit more expensive along this eastern side of the peninsula of Salento, especially in its most famous towns, such as Otranto (€1,560/m²). In other places average prices are usually about €1,000/m² or even less, depending on the location.

The Ionian side features a number of fortified towns and coastal towers rising along its sandy littoral. Gallipoli is one of its well-known towns boasting ancient Greek ruins but also has a lively nightlife and is popular with holidaymakers. It has a number of baroque sites and churches with interesting history. The local fish market opens daily at dawn and sells the whole range of freshly caught fish, including oysters. Here average property prices are around €1,450/m².

Buying in more remote and/or less renowned areas or finding a home situated away from the coast is far cheaper. Also in the province of Brindisi prices are a bit more affordable than the municipalities of Salento belonging to Lecce province. For instance in Carovigno or San Vito dei Normanni, you can find typical and traditional dwellings (trulli and masserie) needing complete restoration starting from around €25,000/€30,000. While a trullo which has been restored and is in very good condition will sell starting from about €80,000.

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