Quality of Life in Italy in 2014: Ravenna is on Top

| December 12, 2014

Piazza del Popolo in Ravenna

Usually Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is not one of the most popular areas among international home-hunters looking for a property in the Bel Paese.

But do you know that one of its main provinces, which is Ravenna, was announced as the area with the highest quality of life in Italy for this 2014? And the entire region results to be one of the most virtuous of the peninsula.

Let’s find out more!

An overview of the ranking

The survey was first carried in 1990 where Belluno province emerged the top in this survey conducted by Legambiente (League for the Environment), which is the most widespread environmental organisation in Italy, and Il Sole 24 Ore, the main Italian national daily business newspaper.

For 25 years now, the ranking have always been repeated. Initially it only focused on the economic part of each province. Today, the study about quality of life in Italy covers wide areas including social welfare, wealthy of citizens, businesses, and the functioning of administrative systems. The ranking also take into account factors like efficiency of services in each province, levels of crime, value of culture, places of nature and sportsmanship. So, if in 1990 the survey only focused on measuring the percentage of fixed telephones in homes, it has now changed to measuring the spread of broadband today.

Disparities between the North and the South

Top 25 - Quality of life 2014The study shows a country that is shyly growing after the global economic downturn, but one which has not lost the taste for life. Young entrepreneurs are trying to cope with the standards of living. The gap between the North and South is slowly changing. Despite the long crisis in the North, South could not catch up because of its own issues that are related to infrastructure, labour and environment. It is the Southern province, Agrigento that was bottom of the ranking and it also held the same position in 2007 and 2009.

The top ten list for the quality of life in Italy is mainly comprises of the provinces in the North and Central. Apart from Ravenna there are other provinces belonging to the same region, which is Emilia-Romagna, in this list namely Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena. Other central provinces also posted impressive results. These include Siena in the 9th place and Livorno in the 11th place (both belonging to Tuscany region of Italy). For the south, the only provinces that got positive results were Nuoro, Sassari and Olbia-Tempio in Sardinia. Naples, which was ranked last in the last edition, earned 96th place.

The two largest and most progressive provinces are Milan and Rome which registered impressive results. Milan came 8th while Rome occupied the 12th position. These two provinces appeared more stable than others despite the difficult economic situation in the thematic areas. The provinces also posted good results in the security chapter.

Why Ravenna came top

The survey about the quality of life in Italy concentrates upon major economic indicators in all the provinces. Ravenna obtained high grades in service delivery, health and environment. The availability of day care in the province is twice the average levels set by the good service indicators. The emigration rate in hospitals is also does not exceed 3%. This is impressive considering that the average rate in the country is 8%. On disposal of civil cases, the province scored 52.

Ravenna area

Ravenna also scored well in the section “Business and labor”. The province has excellent ratio between loans and deposits. The employment rate is also high, 67%. In “Population” the province had the best ratio of under 15 and over 64, (121 against 27). But, in the “Public” chapter, this province scored poorly, just like the other Northern provinces and metropolitan areas. High incidents of muggings, burglary, robbery and pickpocketing were reported. On this issue, Agrigento ranked 29th, thanks to the low incidents of crime reported by the population.

Quality of life and housing

In the industry rankings, the province registered good results in the “Tenor of Life”. In this chapter, the province was 86th. This position was highly boosted by the cost of housing in the whole area which is not too expensive. The average price of real estate in the central areas of the very city of Ravenna ranges from 1,950 € / m2 and 2,050 € / m2.

Brisighella (Ravenna)

Brisighella (Ravenna) by Revolweb

This price changes when you move to the outskirts where you can buy a property for 1,050 € / m2 to 1750 € / m2. The other areas and villages belonging to the province of Ravenna have the lowest real estate prices. The average price of properties in those zones starts from 1000 € / m2. Anyway the prices vary from one place to another. In the coastal areas, real estate is relatively expensive than the rural ones. For example, in the centre of Lido Adriano, which is just 50m from the sea, you can buy a fully furnished apartment of 60m2 with two bedrooms and already habitable for € 120,000. The most expensive sea resort in this stretch of coastline is Lido di Savio with an average price of 2,900 € / m2.

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