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Property Tax Burden: Italy VS Europe

Are taxes in Italy too high? Revenue Statistics 2018, a recent survey carried out by the international Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, reveals that there are more overburden countries among the 34 belonging to the OECD area than the bel paese. Taxes have been classified by the base of the following taxes: personal income tax, corporate income… Read More »

Italy’s Property Hotspots to Watch in 2016

Changing focus – There has been a shift in the property spotlight in Italy in the recent years. International house hunters have previously been very conservative in the choice of location for their second home in Italy. Tuscany featured highly as a favourite destination. However, lately other areas have started attracting overseas investors. This interest could be attributed… Read More »

Property In Italy: Inventory Up, Prices Down

The slump in the European economy, including Italy, has continued for several years, despite a number of attempts to stimulate activity. 1 – Programs in Italy designed to provide sales incentives and tax breaks and to increase institutional lending have met with limited success, since the average Italian is often unable to take advantage of the situation 2… Read More »