The coast of Calabria: Live in the Caribbean of Europe

| March 14, 2014

Properties in Calabria

Located at the toe of Italy south of Naples, is the beautiful region of Calabria along the Mediterranean coast. Calabria has in recent times become a highly sought fashionable location for investors due to its low property cost in comparison with other parts of Italy, and of course the scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the region.

Calabria boasts of four scenic mountain areas, amazingly beautiful waterfalls, and national parks. The region is well known for fishing, skiing in winter, and hiking. Proximity to the sea is also another plus for the area. The region is surrounded by three coastlines with magnificent beaches that are relatively undiscovered. All forms of water sports including sailing and windsurfing are available in Calabria. The region has a rich historical heritage. There are castles and ancient ruins from Greek, Byzantine, Roman, or Norman eras in Calabria.

The small unspoiled towns and villages of Calabria are simply picturesque. Tropea is a well known town by the sea. It was awarded the 2007 Top Beach Holiday Hotspot award by the Sunday Times. One of Tropea’s key attractions is the hanging cliff that drops down to the sea providing a perfect bathing spot. Pizzo is another interesting seaside town in Calabria. Its history dates back to the 7th century BC.

Calabria is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in high quality stylish developments especially along the seaside. Property for sale in Calabria includes small scale apartment complexes and villas along the coast which are selling at very attractive prices. It is however still a great place to invest in a relatively inexpensive beach property in comparison to other well known regions in Italy.

The region’s major appeal in property market is mainly the seaside resorts such as Tropea which have become great tourist destinations in summer. Calabria’s western coast has more dramatic cliffs and coves making it more attractive than the eastern coast which is flatter and a bit emptier.

The east coast lies on the Ionian side of the Mediterranean and has long beautiful beaches. Property is cheaper on this part than on the west coast which lies on the Tyrrhenian side. This is because the western side has been a more popular destination for Italian tourists than the eastern side, especially around Tropea which attracts hordes of tourists in summer.

The region’s appeal and potential for future success is further enhanced by the Italian government’s decision to spend European Union funds on improving the region’s infrastructure and transport links to other parts of Italy. This is the best time to acquire Calabria real estate at the best rates as the region becomes more popular among buyers seeking for high capital growth potential. Numerous villas, homes, condominiums, and flats are currently available at prices three or four times lower than other parts of Italy. It is a beautiful region with potential for good return on investment. Rental yields may be uncertain at the moment but Calabria is currently blossoming with a promise of great things to come in the near future.

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