The Tuscan Dream For all Budgets

| February 21, 2014

property for sale in Tuscany

The Tuscan Dream is alive-and-well, and the legendary region continues to be the country’s top draw among foreign investors and vacation-home buyers. Our data confirm that information requests about available properties in Tuscany are on the rise, and that the region is still home to some of the most sought-after real estate in the entire country.

Today, conditions are primed for foreign investment in Tuscany. Even though prospective buyers shouldn’t expect to waltz into wholesale giveaways, prices are more attractive than they have been in years. Tuscany will always be a desirable destination, for tourists and students, and property values are more solid than in other parts of the country. One bargaining chip for today’s home shoppers, however, is that many properties for sale in Tuscany have been on the market for long enough to soften the price-resolve of some sellers.

Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, is a land of stunning diversity, known for its rich history, art and architecture. Choosing the perfect location presents an imposing set of options. For example, more than 2,000 Tuscan properties are listed on our site, everything from garden apartments in Lucca to tony retreats in famed Chiantishire. Higher-end properties for sale in Tuscany tend to be urban, such as those in Siena and Florence, and in the rural vineyard country between the two cities. More-exclusive-still are swank enclaves like the Monte Argentario peninsula, where even dilapidated tear-down structures can command up to half-a-million euros.

Lower real estate prices can be found in Tuscany, and increasingly, non-Italians find that they can stretch their investment money by looking for hidden gems in other parts of the region. In places like Maremma and the Lunigiana strip, both of which hug the Ligurian coast, buyers receive property with the prestige of a Tuscan address, they do so for less money, and the properties are often in a much better state-of-repair. This means that rental units can start generating income right away, and families moving into a new residence will have more leisure-time and the wherewithal to toast a steaming bowl of homemade ribollita with a bottle of Pinot Nero from a local vineyard
(perhaps their own).

The intricate Italian real estate system demands comprehensive local knowledge of its inner workings. The costs involved with a home purchase are relatively low, and property values are protected by statute, but it can be a difficult and frustrating experience for the uninitiated to navigate through the bureaucracy enveloping the purchasing process. Our portal connects non-Italian investors with the resources they need to be able to join the burgeoning ranks of Tuscan property owners who have found their way to Tuscany from points around the globe.

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