Tuscan Maremma: Unknown Property Market that Buyers Will Love

| March 26, 2015

4779898822_2fa5410ee4_zYou probably have not heard about this beautiful part of Tuscany called Maremma. Most investors flock to other famous locations such as the Chiantishire, or Val d’Orcia (= think at the archetypal image of cypresses on top of a hill) which have excellent opportunities for tourism-based businesses, but forget about the southern Tuscany: Maremma.

Tuscan Maremma mapBordering Lazio, the area is a natural wonder with its grassland, cliffs and wild vegetation. A serene atmosphere and a beautiful 160 km coastline. Though it is less populated compared to the rest of Tuscan, there are nice real estate properties in the area that can catch your attention. If you are a nature lover and you dream of buying a home in an unpolluted place surrounded by nature, then Maremma should be the place. Living on this side of town is especially ideal for fitness fanatics who enjoy trekking, surfing, walking, diving, and running along the beach. You can also get an opportunity to do fun activities like fishing, bird watching, archaeology and geology.

Something about Maremma

The Maremma also has a rich history. In the past, bandits had captured and dominated the area but in the current days, it is a peaceful area suitable for settlement. What is left of its brutal past are just its over 600 Etruscan tombs and caves dotting the area and a few old buildings that the people inhabited in the past.

It is indeed a suitable location for people who love staying in a countryside setting. It will give you the warm country feeling away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Wake up every morning to the sound of birds singing and other animals as well as the sight of a spectacular landscape that varies with seasons. There are no dangerous animals around the place that can be a cause for alarm and the neighbourhood is considerably safe. Therefore, you can live there without any worries. In fact, when you visit there today you will get to enjoy delicious cuisine, tasty wines and scorching sun.

San Galgano

San Galgano: 13th century abbey without roof by RennPanda

Housing solutions for every budget

Most parts of Tuscany are characterized by the high costs of homes. But in the little-known area of Maremma prices are relatively cheap, and you can comfortably find a lovely home that will suit your budget. So our advise is taking this opportunity and buy a property in this Southern side of Tuscany before other people discover the attractive deals.

However, there are two expensive areas in the Tuscan Maremma where prices are quite high. These include the Argentario area (the islands and the beach resorts of Capalbio and Orbetello) and Castiglione Della Pescaia which is a scenic seaside location situated in the province of Grosseto which faces the magnificent islands of Giglio and Elba, a favourite place for tourists. They have an average price of €3,000/ 3,500 per m2. You may ask why. Well, they are very popular and trendy destinations among tourists. But there is still hope for those who want affordable homes. You can always a find a cheaper real estate along the coast particularly in the municipality Grosseto (average property price of 1,900 €/m2).


Saturnia natural thermal spa by papasaera

You can even get better deals when you move further inland where they can start at a small figure of 1,200 €/m2. Here houses are spacious and beautiful, and they will most likely meet all the needs that you would want a home to fulfil for you. For example in Roccastrada, 35 km away from the sea, you can find a fully restored apartment that has wooden beamed ceilings, private entrance, terracotta tiles and a nice panoramic view for about 120,000€. If you want to have an ancient farmhouse restored, you can start with about 700/800 €/m2 or approximately 2,500 €/m2 for a significant and exquisite farm that is fully restored and all its original features are intact.

town of Pitigliano

Quaint unique village set in the Maremma by Beate Meier

If you want to settle in Italy near the famous Tuscany resorts, do not let high prices deter you from making your dream of owning a home here come true. Surfing Gate-Away.com, you can buy one of these affordable homes in the Tuscan Maremma and get to enjoy all the natural features surrounding the area.

[Featured image by Rik & Ste]

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