Welcome Home to the Messina Area, Sicily

| June 19, 2015

Aeolian islandsWhy North Eastern Sicily?

For those who have dreamed of owning a vacation property in Italy, the beautiful area of Messina awaits.

Located in the North Eastern tip of Sicily, Messina’s average property price is around € 1,500/m². By avoiding the busiest areas for tourists, those wanting to make the move to the Sicily area will find an affordable, peaceful, and beautiful life and home. Enjoy going out as a tourist, then coming home and feeling like a resident. Inside the port city of Messina, you can find many views of the sea, check out the Museo Regionale where Renaissance paintings hang, and wherever you go, swordfish dinners to remember are plentiful.

It is also easy to reach this stretch of land. Trains, ferryboats and hydrofoils go back and forth from Reggio di Calabria and/or Villa San Giovanni (Calabria region) to Messina. The closest airport is that of Reggio Calabria which is about 30 km far from the city centre of that of Catania (110 km).


View over Taormina by Goldmund100

About Messina’s Renowned Past

Although Messina is where most trains, cars, and boats enter the province of Sicily, it has remained a low-key spot for tourists which mean peace and quiet for residents, except for the most famous destinations like Taormina above all. Locals will be happy to mention one of the city’s famous people. Antonello da Messina who was born in 1430 and was a Renaissance master considered to be southern Italy’s best artist. As a matter of fact he was one of the first to teach Italian painters the art of oil painting. Anyway, the history of the area goes back to Homer’s myths (his Odyssey).

greek theatre

Greek theatre panorama by zoutedrop

The Most Expensive in the District

Generally, the most expensive areas can be found along the coastline; these are also the most popular places. Taormina, Capo d’Orlando, and the Aeolian Islands (also called Lipari Islands) are the most pricey. A private villa with a large garden overlooking the sea in Lipari may cost up to €4,000/m².

These group of islands has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Seven islands where the incomparable nature, beaches, coves, caves, coves, cliffs, meet the wide variety and richness of its seabed, as well as manifold geological and volcanic features which are 7,000 years old.

Aeolian islands

Aeolian islands by boboviel

Make Money From Your Purchase

These locations are also suitable if you’re thinking to invest in your second home. The advantage of a property near or in Taormina is the rental money which can be earned. Lots of celebrities like to hang around in the area, and landlords can rent out a two-bedroom property from at least €600 per week or more. It sees around 700,000 tourists yearly to visit the ancient theatre as well as the sea and the panoramic views over the crystal clear waters and Mount Etna, which is also ideal if you love skiing in winter. Prices in Tuscany may be comparable to those of Taormina. So, if you aren’t ready to live in Italy full time, rent out your property for the times when you are gone, and the mortgage may pay for itself.

The Least Expensive in the District

For lesser known or further inland locations, prices can start from around €200/m² up to €1,700/m². Check out Furnari where a studio apartment, including terrace may be found for €85,000. Furnari is in front of the Aeolian Islands and between the Sanctuary of Tindari and the Marinello marine lakes nature reserve.

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