Why Lake Garda is increasingly coveted by foreigners

| May 16, 2014

Lago di Garda

The latest news from ENIT (Italian National Agency of Tourism) spoke of Lake Garda being literally overwhelmed by foreign tourists, especially in Limone the north of the Riviera and other towns south of Lake Garda such as Sirmione and Desenzano during the Easter and May Day breaks. This huge influx of foreigners especially during Easter and May Day holidays is a testament that real estate properties in Lake Garda are a great investment as holiday rentals or simply as a second home in Italy.

So what makes Lake Garda in northern Italy such a popular destination for foreigners from all over Europe and the world? It is probably the enchanting lake, or region’s beautiful panoramic landscapes and vibrant picturesque towns with high quality of life in terms of culture, food, and wine. Lake Garda is not only one of the most beautiful lake in Italy but the largest too. It spreads over three regions namely Lombardy, Trentino-Alto, and Veneto.

The region south of Lake Garda is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment spots. For example, Sirmione on the south-western shore, also called the Jewel of the Lake, is a delightful popular tourist destination that is usually packed to the brim in summer. It has great beaches, pleasant hotels, and a great cafès and nightlife tradition. The town also boasts of impressive attractions such as the Scaligero Castle and popular thermal baths. Another popular town in the south of Lake Garda is Desenzano which is the heart of Lake Garda nightlife with a host of discos and pubs as well as open-air cafes and gelaterie ice-cream parlours scattered at the town centre.

Scaligero Castle - Sirmione

Scaligero Castle – Sirmione

On the south-west of Lake Garda is the charming town of Manerba famous for its clean beaches and prehistoric pile-dwellings that have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another key attraction to the Lake Garda region is the Wine and Dine del Garda association which was established to raise awareness of the famous flavours, culture, cuisine, and wines of the Brescia area. This is a non-profit organization the represents the region’s hospitality, culture, and food in promoting Lake Garda as a popular destination.

The cliff of Manerba

The cliff of Manerba

The northern part of the Lake Garda is usually considered as quite but with spellbinding beautiful landscape views of rising mountains overlooking the lake. One of the popular tourist resorts in the northern shore of Lake Garda is the picturesque town of Limone, which is Italian for lemon. The town is famous for growing lemons and other citrus fruits. It is a beautiful waterfront town with rising cliffs in the background making it one of the best photography spots north of Lake Garda.

The region is a treasure trove of the best Italian dishes and wines. One unique aspect of the region’s cuisine is the fact that most of its tantalizing dishes are made from fresh local produce. The wine region of Trento-Alto Adige north of Lake Garda provide distinctive dry white wines while Lombardy is renowned for its Garda and Garda Classico DOCs of both red and white wines. The culture, food, wine, and beautiful landscapes have led to increased foreign interest in properties for sale in Lake Garda.

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