Your Guide to Italian Emotions. Evviva!

| January 24, 2019

What about learning Italian? The best way to appreciate the beauties of the boot-shaped country is doing it in Italian! So today we will learn the Italian Exclamations together… Che bello!

It is more than a language and exclamations are used to express multiple reactions and a range of emotions that could include astonishment, happiness, confusion, sadness, anger, excitement and disgust.

It might come in useful during your next visit to Italy! Let’s see the most common ones.

Ways to express enthusiasm:

Evviva! – Hurray! 🗨 Ehv-vee-vah
Che bello! – How beautiful/nice 🗨 Keh behl-loh
Che buono! – How good/delicious/tasty! 🗨 Keh bwoh-noh


Mamma mia! – My goodness! 🗨 Mahm-mah mee-ah
It could be used to express surprise, impatience, happiness, sadness. Also used together with other exclamations.

Expressions to encourage someone:

Vai! – Go! 🗨 Vah-ee
Forza! – You can do it! Be strong! 🗨 Phohr-zah
Bravo! – Great job! 🗨 Brah-voh

Sounds (exclamations that don’t form proper words but represent a meaning):

Uffa! – What a bore! 🗨 Oof-fah
Boh! – I don’t have a clue! I have no idea! 🗨 Boh

The most used quintessentially Italian exclamations:

Magari! – If only! I wish! 🗨 Mah-gah-ree
Dai! – Come on! Hurry up! 🗨 Dah-ee
Oddio! – Oh my goodness! Oh god! 🗨 Odh-deeoh
Zitto! – Silence! 🗨 Zeet-toh

We chose these expressions to practice Italian in a fun way! Use these expressions in your conversations with Italians where you’re at a match, in a bar or just staring at the view.

Don’t worry if your Italian isn’t great, people are really friendly and helpful with learners. Use these exclamations and you will definitely gain a seat at the table (and a glass of delicious wine, if you’re lucky!).

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