11 bedroom country house, 740 m²


Reference: Sale of Villa in the country

  • Price: € 1.150.000
  • Condition: New
  • Habitable surface: 740 m²
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Energy efficiency value: 43.0
  • Bedrooms: 11
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Garden: 2000 m²
  • Land: 17480 m²
  • Terrace: 400 m²
Distance from:
  • Nearest town facilities: 2 Km
  • Beach: 20 Km
  • Ski resort: 30 Km
  • Airports:
  • Pescara PSR: 13 Km
  • Roma CIA: 136 Km
  • Ancona AOI: 144 Km
  • Perugia PEG: 146 Km
    ABRUZZO REGION, in the middle of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea, famous for its
    beaches, natural parks, mountains, hills, history, historical centeres, cookery,
    wines, slow-food.

    PROVINCE OF PESCARA, a town on the sea, with about 200.000 inhabitants,
    about 200 km from Rome, 150 km from Assisi, 250 km from Toscana PIANELLA, a village of about 5.000 inhabitants, 20 km from Pescara, famous for
    its hills and olive-trees and oil.

    THE VILLA is on the hills, at Contrada La Grotta, about 2,5 km from the center of
    Pianella, accessible from the provincial street.
    Within a radius of about 20 km it is possible to reach the Abruzzo Airport, the
    center of Pescara, the sea, the main shopping centers, some of the most
    beautiful historic centers.

    It is composed by a VILLA, its garden and parking, its wonderful countryside
    with about 180 olive-trees.

    The surface of the land is of 17.480 square meters, flat for an extended part and
    sloping for the remaining part.
    Its form is about rectangular, with the short side of about 40 meters on the
    provincial street to Pianella, and a medium breadth of about 60 meters.
    The long side is about of 300 meters toward the hills.
    The view is characterized by the great presence of the mountain of Gran Sasso,
    the highest in the Italian Appennini, with its marvelous sunsets.
    There is water in abundance existing a private well.

    The surface of the garden is of about 1.850 square meters and it develops in front of the villa and all around it.
    The principal part of the garden is between the villa and the street, in fact the
    house is about 30 meters from the street, along that there is the a small
    enclosure wall with green wire net and bushes and with two carriage sliding gates.
    The garden in front of the villa is a grassland with some olive-trees.
    There are various private parking areas, outside the enclosure wall, near the gatesand along the street, and inside the garden, on the right of the villa, always with
    grassland for parking, and near the left of the house, with a paved parking area.
    There are an irrigation plant and an external electric-lighting plant.
    On the right of the villa there are a protected area with two dog’s beds, a
    wood-shed, a sheet-iron box.
    On the back of the house there is a flat area predisposed to realize a swimming-pool.

    Land-office data: Sheet n° 8, Particles n° 705, Sub n° 4, Sub n° 5 (Land with Villa) and n° 704, 703, 131, 130, 151, 136 (other countryside).
    Cadastral Subdivision into n° 2 Parts: Sub 4 and Sub 5.
    Use: As an only villa or as two independent parts or as five autonomous functionalunities, each with a kitchen and two bathrooms.
    Floors: a ground floor, a lower floor and a top floor.
    Unities: n° 5 unities for total 943,90 square meters, of which 532,24 s.m. of
    covered surface and 411,66 s.m. of external surface (porches, balconies,
    Unity 1: at ground floor (covered surface of 153,74 s.m. + external surface (porch and balcony) of 109,34 s.m. = total surface of 263,08 s.m.)
    Unity 2: at lower floor (covered surface of 110,60 s.m. + external surface (porch
    and square) of 113,13 s.m. = total surface of 223,73 s.m.)
    Unity 3: at lower floor (covered surface of 110,60 s.m. + external surface (porch
    and square) of 113,13 s.m. = total surface of 223,73 s.m.)
    Unity 4: at top floor (covered surface of 78,65 s.m. + external surface (balcony) of 38,03 s.m. = total surface of 116,68 s.m.)
    Unity 5: at top floor (covered surface of 78,65 s.m. + external surface (balcony) of 38,03 s.m. = total surface of 116,68 s.m.)
    Sub 4: 50% of Unity 1 (at ground floor) + 100% of Unity 2 (at lower floor) + 100%
    of Unity 4 (at top floor) + 100% of Unity 5 (at top floor)
    Sub 5: 50% of Unity 1 (at ground floor) + 100% of Unity 3 (at lower floor)
    Energy certificate: Class A – B
    Plants: autonomous plants for each unity
    Kitchens: 1 for each unity, if requested also with kitchen furnishings
    Bathrooms: 2 for each unity, so 10 in total, of which 9 with shower-box and 1
    with double bath for hydro-massages
    External frames: armour-clad main door for each unit, windows and door-windows in green aluminium with special glasses and opening systems of high

    Internal frames: elegant wooden doors of high quality
    Floorings and coverings: special colors and quality
    Internal stairs: 1 to the top floor and 1 to the lower floor
    Porches: 1 large porch on the front of the villa at ground floor (level 0) for Unit 1,
    and 1 large porch on the back at lower floor (level -1) for Unit 2 and Unit 3
    Balconies: 1 very large balcony for Unit 1 and 1 balcony for Units 4 and 5, on the back of the villa with a fantastic view of countryside and hills and Gran Sasso
    Squares: 1 square just near each of two Units 2 and 3 at lower floor
    Structure: anti-seismic in reinforced concrete
    Furnishings: If requested, furnishings for bathrooms and/or for kitchens and/or for one till to five unitie
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