4 bedroom villa, 450 m²



  • Price: € 272.160
  • Condition: Completely restored/Habitable
  • Habitable surface: 450 m²
  • Energy efficiency class: NA
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Garden
  • Land: 1353 m²
  • Cellar
  • Garage
Distance from:
  • Nearest town facilities: 9 Km
  • Beach: 20 Km
  • Airports:
  • Ancona AOI: 27 Km
  • Perugia PEG: 91 Km
  • Rimini RMI: 102 Km
  • Pescara PSR: 120 Km
  • FOR SALE ELEGANT SINGLE-FAMILY, DETACHED, NON-FURNISHED VILLA, RECENTLY BUILT, IN VERY GOOD MAINTENANCE CONDITION AND WITH PRECIOUS FINISHES, LOCATED IN WONDERFUL LOCATION on a ridge at about 190 meters above sea level, a few minutes drive from the historic center of Recanati which gave birth to to the poet Giacomo Leopardi and to the opera singer Beniamino Gigli, with a wide and unobstructed view towards the south and the surrounding hills. The property is located in Contrada Santa Lucia, Via Passarini n ° 5, also identified as Spaccio Bacucco, a delightful conurbation built in the open countryside, along the provincial road 82, towards Montefano. The place where the villa is located is part of a parcel of eight built lots, consisting of refined single and / or two-family houses built on two and three levels, all located to the west of the town of Recanati, which is only 5 Km away .
    The villa has been built on three levels, the basement, ground and first floors and is structured as follows:
    p. cellar basement, kitchen-living room, bathroom and laundry room, plus a large garage with automated opening, a heating plant, utility rooms and a storeroom for a commercial area of approx. 128.6; ground floor entrance, living room on two altitudes, hallway, bathroom, study, kitchen; first four bedrooms with their own bathrooms. All floors are connected by an internal communication staircase made of stone steps. The house has a Gross Commercial Area of approx. 396.2.
    The building, whose construction dates back to 2008, is located in the upper part of the parcel, on the top of the ridge and enjoys a clear view of almost 360 degrees, on a sloping plot of land that extends for approx. 1353, completely fenced and modeled with walls and steps to create two flat areas at the level of the driveway entrance to the basement and at the level of the first at the living area of the house.
    The accesses to the lot are two, one pedestrian and one driveway with electrically operated gate.
    From the entrance space, through two stairways to the right of the building, you can access the garden area; the same also occupies another parcel of approx. 812 (P.lla 279 of sheet 75) of another property not interested in the sale.
    From the kitchen to the p.terra it is possible, through French windows, to access two separate open galleries located opposite to the kitchen and giving direct access to the outside.
    All the finishes of the house are of a high standard.
    The walls inside the p.terra are all plastered and painted, some are in brick with exposed finish and stone floors, natural stone tiles and parquet. The fixtures are made of wood with double glazing and with railings on the French windows. The average net height of the floor is mt. 2.70.
    The floors of the sleeping area, located on the first floor and accessible exclusively via an internal staircase, are made of parquet, except for the bathroom floors made of ceramic, as well as wall coverings.
    The average net height of the floor is mt. 2.70.
    The heating of the p.terra and the p.primo is on the floor, excluding the bathrooms where there are radiators.
    On the first floor the fixtures are equipped with shutters, on the ground floor and basement with steel gratings.
    The ground floor and the first one have a centralized summer air conditioning system.
    The building is also equipped with an alarm system, cable radio and central vacuum.
    Throughout the house there are plenty of lights and power.
    The supporting structure of the house is made of reinforced concrete conglomerate, the external cladding with cassette masonry, the external façade is, in many places, made of solid bricks, with exposed face finish.
    The roof is pitched with a covering of tiles.
    The certificate of conformity of the electrical system issued by the installer at the time of submitting the request for usability of the building on 29/07/2008 is present.
    There is a certificate of static acceptance of the structure.
    The property is currently occupied.
    The building is registered in the Land Registry Buildings of the Municipality of Recanati (MC) as shown below:
    ► Sheet n. 72 - particle n. 275 - Sub 2 - Category A / 7, Class 2, Consistency 15.5 rooms, Cadastral area 394 sq.m., Cadastral income € 2,401.52.
    ►Sheet No. 72 - particles n. 275, Sub 3 - Cats. C / 6, Class 6 - Consistency 112 sqm. - Cadastral area 129 sq.m., Cadastral income € 190.88.
    ►Sheet No. 72 - particle n. 275, Sub 1, Common good that cannot be censured in sub 2 and 3.

    It is specified that the sale price does not include the movable property included in the compendium

    The sale of the aforementioned properties, the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding pending at the Court of Macerata, will take place at LOTTO SINGLE on March 18, 2020 at 12:00 at the auction hall of Marche Servizi Giudiziari, Specialized Person in charge of the Sale, with headquarters in Macerata (MC), Via Roma, 151 / c.
    The AUCTION BASIC PRICE of the entire villa, already lowered, is € 362,880.00 (€ three hundred sixty two thousand eight hundred eighty / 00), with the possibility of raising (minimum raise € 5,000.00).
    It is possible to bid lower than 75% of the basic auction price.
    The offers, accompanied by the deposit equal to 10% of the offer presented and a copy of the identification document, must be received in a sealed envelope at the Marche Servizi Giudiziari headquarters, as highlighted above, no later than h. 12:00 of the day before the sale (ie by March 17, 2020).

    The offer is ineffective if it reaches after this deadline, if the price offered is lower than the basic price, if no suitable deposit is given. The correct ways to participate in the auction can be found in the sales regulations published on the websites www.marcheservizigiudiziari.it, www.immobiliare.it, www.fallcoaste.it
    It is also possible to participate in the auction electronically, following the instructions also contained in the sales regulations which can be downloaded from the following portals: www.marcheservizigiudiziari.it, www.immobiliare.it, www.fallcoaste.it and on Public Sales Portal, available at https://pvp.giustizia.it, by entering the procedure for "Bankruptcy of Macerata Court No. 45/2015".
    By connecting to the same portals it will also be possible to consult the expert report.
    On request it is possible to view the property in Recanati, by appointment, by sending an email to info@msg.srl or by calling tel. 0733 - 522205.
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