3 bedroom detached house, 75 m²


Reference: Casa Mariposa

  • Price: € 78.000
  • Condition: Completely restored/Habitable
  • Habitable surface: 75 m²
  • Energy efficiency class: NA
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Garden
  • Land: 4000 m²
Distance from:
  • Nearest town facilities: 3 Km
  • Beach: 15 Km
  • Airport:
  • Bari BRI: 84 Km
  • Brindisi BDS: 121 Km
  • Foggia FOG: 144 Km
  • Crotone CRV: 161 Km
  • Casa La Mariposa is a beautiful completely restored property located on the hills of Pisticci in Basilicata, southern Italy. The panorama is wonderful across the beautiful olive groves. It is located on one of the last hills before reaching the long sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea, about 10 minutes drive away. It consists of ca 75 m2 on one floor. In addition there is an attic, possible to decorate of ca 40 m2. Up there, there is enough space for constructing a bedroom, a bathroom as well as a dressing room. Two windows exist today that let in nicely with light. On the ground floor once find two bedrooms, kitchen / living room and a bathroom. The garden consists of 4000 m2 with 32 olive trees and a lot of other fruit trees.

    The property has been completely renovated, finished in October 2013. Here follows more detailed information about the renovation process:


    Indoor and outdoor walls completely restored and painted white
    Around the house there is a court side walk which will be renovated in concrete
    Around the side walk the ground will be covered with small white stones. Below the stones there will be put a textile preventing grass etc. to grow.
    Water pluming/sewage will be renovated
    On the backyard there will be a concrete platform with a wooden patio on top
    On the backyard there will be a new door leading out to the patio
    All doors and windows will be painted in salvia green
    The small wall and the entrance (two side colon) facing the front side will be restored


    Indoor ceiling will be in restored in white
    A wall will be taken down in order to make the kitchen/living room and entrance into one big area
    The kitchen will be constructed with terracotta blocks (walls) and with stone and white tiles on top. Only the predisposition is included.
    The bathroom will be restored and made completely new with WC, wash basin and shower
    The floor will be restored with industrial concrete.
    The fire place in the kitchen/living room will be restored in concrete stones and painted white
    On the side of the fire place there will be small book shelfes in stone
    All doors and windows will be painted in salvia green
    The walls and the ceiling of the attic will be renovated and painted white
    All water-, and electricity installation will be completely new

    The area is very green and many of the surrounding properties are used all year-round. In this way there is always someone in the area, which is important for someone who lives there only every now and then.

    Pisticci is a picturesque coastal village beloning to the province of Matera. It has 17.828 inhabitants and is situated 364 metres over the sealevel. This is a village with a long history and is situated in the middle of the Valle del Basento and Cavone, spreading over three Calanchive (gully/ravines) hills not many kilometres from the Jonic Coast.
    Pisticci’s has a long history starting when the Enotri arrived here during the Iron Age (IX century BC). It was a centre in contact with the Greek culture of Metaponto, enabling many cultural influences. Thanks to this, in the V century BC, it resulted in pottery production in Attic style which had its maximum exponent in the so called “Pittore di Pisticci” (Pisticci Artist); probably an artist who had emigrated from Greece. The castle found below Pisticci originates from the High Medieval period when it was s Byzantine centre. At that time Basilican monks arrived, who had escaped from iconoclastic persecution operating in the east.

    The village has been shaped by the nature and over the centuries the terrain where the village lay gave way to landslides. The one during 1688 was terrible and caused partial demolition of the ancient district of Terravecchia. Pisticci is characteristic for its white houses and you can find everything you need in the village, e.g. several restaurants, bars, pharmacies, banks, schools etc. People are known to be very friendly and hospitable. A common and popular activity in the evening is to stroll along the Corso Margherita and you will find a large part of the inhabitants here about to drink an espresso or maybe to eat an ice cream at the popular bars. 

    We have many years of experience and our aim is to facilitate a purchase for a non Italian citizen. With our knowledge and experience we can offer you a complete service, from initial contact with the real estate agent, viewing through to completion of the sale. At the same time we are often involved also in setting up contacts and contracts with contractors if a restoration process in needed. We have a broad contact net within Italian professionals (including Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Builders, Landscapers) working directly for us, guiding you throughout the purchase and restoration process. We know the language and dialects, way of doing business and the Italian complex bureaucracy.
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