Agenzia Immobiliare IPI s.a.s. di Billia M.G.

Via Fratelli Francia 26 - 17014 - CAIRO MONTENOTTE - Savona
Phone (incl. international code): +39 019 504378
Mobile +39 349 8796770
Fax: +39 019 504378
Agenzia Immobiliare IPI s.a.s. di Billia M.G.

Agenzia Immobiliare I.P.I.

Agenzia Immobiliare I.P.I. (Istituto Proposte Immobiliari) is a local real estate agency founded in 1994 which has her office in Cairo Montenotte (Liguria). The company is owned by Grazia and Luigi Sormano. Besides the main activity, selling private property, the agency is also intermediator for industrial/commercial properties and land.

Besides Grazia and Luigi there are another two Italians working for IPI: Barbara Lovesio and Carlo Gallo.

Since 1999 Johanna Noyon and her husband Ton van Schaik (both Dutch) are connected to IPI and there is an intensive collaboration and specialization for the real estate sales to foreigners. 

How to reach our area
Our beautifull european highways bring you in 10 to 12 hours from Calais to Piana Crixia (through the Fréjus tunnel in Switserland). Flights become cheaper by the day; you can land in Genoa (1 hour drive), Turin (1,5 h), Nice (2 h), Milan (2,5 h). 
 Often you will find busses and trains into the smallest villages. 

What can IPI do for you.
During your house search, we help you from the start through to completion. We can assist you furthermore with all sorts of paperwork, like opening a bank account, take an insurance policy or connecting gas, water and electricity. We can also help you in the coordination of any renovations, with the selection of architects, builders and material suppliers. Our area includes part of Liguria and Piedmont. Liguria is a coastal state adjoining France (Côte d’Azur) in northwest Italy. Inland from Luguria is Piedmont. Even collaborating with agencies operating on the Riviera, we are specialized in country houses of Savonas hinterland (25-60 km behind the coastline).
Why in our area
  ►  peaceful and unspoilt environment
  ►  ½ - 1 hour from the Mediterranean
  ►  value for money, authentic properties
  ►  friendly people
  ►  delicious food
  ►  easily reached (airports)
  ►  cultural cities nearby
  ►  1½ hour from ski area
  ►  we speak English
The properties.
Prices are still very low in comparison to other Italian regions. The availability is huge and varied.There are rustic old farm houses, often to be renovated, with plenty of land and outbuildings, but also also newer, immediately inhabitable houses. They are located on isolated spots, in hamlets or villages. You can choose a property on top of a hill for the panorama; some houses are in the middle of the forest, while others in the fields. They come in all sizes.
Prices and Costs
Our guidance during your search for the property which will meet your expectations is for free, as will be the guidance from the stage of primary offering untill completion of the notarial act; you will be charged for brokersfee at the stage of purchasing your property. If you calculate with a maximum of around 15% extra on the salesprice there will be never a disappointment from your side. Included in this percentage are: brokers fees, notary costs and fees and registration taxes. After the purchase we can assist you also on your demand: (re)connection of water supply, electricity and gas (50 euro per connection); assistance with opening a bank account, assistance with concluding insurances and other similar work (30 euro per hour). The costs of living in our region – despite the ones near the Mediterranean - are frankly at a low level. You will be surprised with the low price levels in our bars and restaurants!

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